What Time Is My Court Hearing? Check Out The New, Mobile-Friendly KaneCourt.org!

What Time Is My Court Hearing? Check Out The New, Mobile-Friendly KaneCourt.org!

This is what KaneCourts.org looks like on a desktop computer.

Kane County’s 16th Circuit court has launched KaneCourt.org, a new mobile friendly website for citizens to access court information from their cell phone.

Here’s what KaneCourts.org looks like on a cell phone.

This new site came out of a discussion started by Assistant Public Defender Kim Bilbrey about some of the pain points citizens have finding information about their court dates.  Many of these same concerns were shared by judges and officials from the Kane county Circuit Clerk’s Office, State’s Attorney’s Office, Court Services and Law Library.

The news site attempts to address the most-asked questions for people who are attending a court hearing, particularly at this time, when court cases except criminal trials are done remotely. According to the 16th Circuit Court website, remote Court Access for the 16th Judicial Circuit is extended until April 5.

  • What is my next court date?
  • Which court room do I go to?
  • What time is my hearing?
  • Who is my judge?
  • How do I join by Zoom and what is the link?
  • How do I sign up for reminders?
  • Where can I find information about self-representation?
  • How can I pay my fines and fees?

When 16th Circuit Court Chief Judge Clint Hull tested the new site, he was delighted by what he saw.

Kane County 16th Circuit Court Chief Judge Clint Hull

“Wow. Just WOW. It is incredible,” he said. “I just tried the Find My Court Date with a couple of defendants, and it immediately popped up. Great work and something we need to publicize as soon as it goes live. Great work!”

Hull said many of citizens are accessing court information and joining Zoom hearings from a cell phone, so the site was designed for a clean look that makes it especially easy to use on a cell phone.

Kane County’s Information Technology team said the “Find My Court Date” button is a custom-created search feature that quickly returns the information most asked for though a simple search by last and first name.

The other concern brought up by Ellen Schmid and Halle Cox of the Kane County Law Library was the difficulty some were having with remembering, sharing and typing the current 16th Judicial Court domain name: Ilinois16thJudicialCircuit.org.

To address this concern, the IT Department registered a much shorter, easier-to-remember and simpler URL: KaneCourt.org

The new site provides easy access to all 16th Judicial Court partners from the menu. Each menu item is a link to the official website for that partner. Here is a list of links:

Live Streaming And How-To Resources

16th Circuit Novel Coronavirus Information