Roof Collapses Level 2 Downtown Elgin Commercial Buildings

Roof Collapses Level 2 Downtown Elgin Commercial Buildings

Above is an embedded video from ABC 7 showing the Monday roof collapse in the 200 block of Prairie Street.

Two explosive roof collapses leveled a pair of downtown Elgin commercial buildings over the Presidents Day weekend, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars damage and serving as a reminder of the dangers of accumulating snow and ice.

Both builders were unoccupied at the time of the roof collapses.

Brook Street Roof Collapse Causes $600,000 Damage

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Members of the Elgin Fire Department responded just after 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 13, to the 300 block of Brook Street for a report of a possible Explosion and structure fire.

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Responding fire companies found a two-story building had collapsed and debris crossed Franklin Boulevard to the south of the structure.

According to an Elgin Fire Department news release, the first crew arrived on scene in just over six minutes. Fire crews investigated and confirmed there was no fire.

Fire officials said water was exiting the building from multiple doorways, and exterior walls were severely damaged by the collapse.  The structure suffered extensive damage to the roof and second floor. Initial damage estimates are in excess of $600,000.

Franklin Boulevard remains closed due to debris and ice caused by the leaking water.

The building was unoccupied at the time of the collapse and there were no civilian or firefighter injuries due to the incident. Officials said the building was red-tagged as it is structurally unsafe and Code Enforcement was notified for follow-up.

An initial investigation was unable to determine a cause for the collapse.

For more information, contact: Captain Craig Pleva at 847-931-6183.

Prairie Street Roof Collapse Damages Banquet Hall

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The Elgin Fire Department responded at 6:30 a.m. Monday, Feb. 15, to a report of a possible building explosion in the 200 block of Prairie Street.

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According to an Elgin Fire Department news release, the first engine arrived on scene within five minutes and observed a one-story commercial building that had sustained a roof collapse. A rapid assessment of the collapse determined the incident was not an immediate rescue situation, but there was potential for additional collapse.

The area was blocked off, and fire crews confirmed there was no other damage to adjacent buildings. Fire crews also worked with other city departments to secure utilities and ensure there was no other danger to the community.

According to ABC News and other media, the building is home to Imago Events, a banquet hall that was not opened at the time of the roof collapse. Fire officials said no one was present.

“The cause of the collapse is under investigation, but it is likely that snow and ice accumulation contributed,” said Fire Chief Robb Cagann. “City staff has been working proactively to notify owners of buildings with similar roof structures of the potential concerns associated with the heavy snow accumulation.”

For more information, please contact Fire Chief Robb Cagann at 847-931-6175.