Health Department: Vaccine Supply Increasing, Appointment Availability To Increase

Health Department: Vaccine Supply Increasing, Appointment Availability To Increase

The Kane County Health Department sent a vaccine notification e-blast Friday, saying that the COVID-19 vaccine supply is increasing and appointment availability at pharmacies and clinics is about to increase, as well.

In its weekly email update, health officials said this past week was a busy one for vaccine deployment, but a shortage of vaccine supply has been an ongoing issue.

“A consistent, reliable supply of vaccine that we can count on is key to being able to provide more appointments,” county health officials said.

“The Kane County Health Department acknowledges that getting a vaccine appointment, especially for seniors, has been difficult. But we are also hearing from people who have been able to obtain an appointment, and that number is increasing.”

Because the supply of the vaccine has been extremely limited, the county has been focusing its efforts on completing vaccinations for Phase 1A — primarily health care workers — and some essential workers in group 1B, in priority groups that include first responders.

Official said healthcare members in priority group 1A are receiving their second doses this week, with accommodations for some 1A workers who were not involved in first dose clinics.

The e-blast advised healthcare workers who have not yet received the vaccine to check with their employers first to determine if vaccine is available through their companies. Family caregivers of developmentally disabled children have been prioritized into group 1A.

Today (Monday, Feb. 8, 2021), the Health Department will begin vaccinating school employees who work for public and private schools in Kane County.

Appointments For Phase 1B

Presently, vaccine appointments are being taken by pharmacies and some clinics. You can find the most up-to-date information on the Health Department’s Vaccination Appointments page.

The Illinois Department of Public Health Vaccination Location page also provides links to places where the vaccine is begin distributed in the private sector and at government distribution sites.

The organizations presently taking appointments for Kane County residents in the Phase 1B category include:

Looking Ahead

Kane County health officials said there is more vaccine coming, and accessibility will continue to improve.

The KCHD Vaccination Appointments page links to an NPR article saying the White House will be providing forecasts for vaccine distribution to states for three weeks in the future, which should stabilize supplies and help in planning.

According to the article, many shipments will go directly to pharmacies. The Health Department Vaccination Appointments web page provides links to pharmacies that are taking appointments in Kane County.

“As more vaccine becomes available, more appointments will become available,” county health officials said in the e-blast. “More local providers will be added to the page once a reliable vaccine supply is secured.”

Also on the horizon is the potential emergency authorization of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which would add a third manufacturer to the supply chain.

“This vaccine is provided in one dose, and does not need to be store in super cold temperatures, making it preferable to clinic and mass vaccination settings,” health officials said.

Health officials said the Moderna vaccine is used for vaccination clinics and the Pfizer vaccine is used mostly for hospital and pharmacy clinics that have ultra-cold storage capabilities.

SOURCE: Kane County Health Department Vaccine Notification e-newsletter