PHOTO STORY: Take a Tour of Kane County Coroner's Facility, Multi-Use Building

PHOTO STORY: Take a Tour of Kane County Coroner’s Facility, Multi-Use Building

A multi-use facility that will greatly enhance the services of the Kane County Coroner’s Office and create long-needed storage for vehicles and records will be ready for use by spring, according to Kane County officials.

The Coroner’s Office will have capacity and equipment to handle any contingency, even the challenges associated with a pandemic.

Drew Frasz, County Board liaison on construction management team, said the $13.2 million construction project on the Kane County Judicial Center campus in St. Charles is on time, on budget and will provide residents with terrific value.

“It has been very satisfying seeing our employees going from woefully sub-standard facilities to finally having state-of-the-art facilities that our county can be proud of for decades to come,” Frasz said while providing a brief tour of the construction site.

When the building is completed this spring, it will be the first time that the Coroner’s Office, the Kane County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad and SWAT units, the Officer of Emergency Management and the Kane County Facilities Department will have their own, purpose-built facility.

One of the advantages of the multi-use facility is safe and protected storage as well as maintenance stations that will extend the life and performance of county vehicles.

Frasz said the Coroner’s Office will go from “one of the worst facilities in the state to one of the best,” moving from the 3,000-square-foot space on the Kane County Government Center campus to 11,000 square feet of space inside the multi-purpose facility.

“Great care was given to the family viewing experience in the Coroner’s Office to make it as easy as possible for families dealing with a tragedy,” Frasz said. “This is a tremendous improvement from the current facility.”

The Facilities Management Department will have its first ever base of operations — including offices, shop and vehicle bays, as well as its first dedicated salt storage dome for winter ice control salt.

The building exterior was completed by the fall, allowing the interior work to go on during the winter months and the project to be completed by spring.

Sheriff’s special unit vehicles and Office of Emergency Management vehicles will be centrally located in the county, adjacent to the Sheriff’s Office in a secure, heated facility.

The Sheriff’s Office staff will now have a new, well-lit, heated area for Special Unit training, as well as a classroom and evidence storage.

Finally, Frasz said taxpayers are getting great value for their dollar.

“The bond ( loan) payments are being paid with funds on hand for a few years until the Sheriffs Office bond is paid off. Then a small portion of  what was was used for those monthly payments will go toward this pay down,” Frasz said.

“Bond was 1.54% interest, so we were able to do this at very low cost.”

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Kane County Board member Drew Frasz (left) and Kane County Coroner Rob Russell check the progress of construction at the multi-use facility site.