Top 10 Most-Read Kane County Connects Stories of 2020 -- All Involve COVID-19

Top 10 Most-Read Kane County Connects Stories of 2020 — All Involve COVID-19

Typically this time of year, Kane County Connects posts a series of articles counting down the top 10 most-read articles of the past 12 months.

But this has been anything but a typical year.

2020 brought a variety of important topics — from issues of racial equality and civil unrest to a presidential election to cataclysmic weather events — but through it all, the coronavirus emergency dominated our attention and affected every aspect of our daily lives.

The word that kept coming in the early stages of the pandemic was “unprecedented,” and it surely has been all of that.

To keep the “top 10 stories” tradition alive — as well as the small amount of comfort that comes from maintaining a tradition — we offer a list of the most-read Kane County Connects posts of 2020, which you’ll find by the simple act of scrolling down.

It’s worthy of note that most of the top 10 articles are what people sometimes call “landing pages.” During the early months of the pandemic, when the information coming from local, state and federal government sources, health officials, schools, hospitals and law enforcers was flowing like a firehose, we organized the information by topic and added to each article (sometimes multiple times daily) as the news releases poured in.

That means each landing page listed below represents not just one story but a series of updates on one overarching category of story. The number to the right of each link on the top 10 list is the number of page views that article garnered, according to the WordPress site stats page.

The most-read landing page — COVID-19: ILLINOIS — bears an asterisk because it is actually two posts. We re-started the landing page in May simply because it had grown so long.

Here’s hoping 2021 will be happy, safe and prosperous for every resident of Kane County, IL — and that next year’s top 10 list won’t be all COVID, all the time.

Kane County Connects Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2020

  1. COVID-19 ILLINOIS: Numbers Going In Wrong Direction Wednesday as State Announces 7,374 New Cases, 178 Deaths — 417,778 *
  2. COVID-19 NATION/WORLD: 4.7 Million Cases, More than 350,000 Deaths Worldwide — 396,552
  3. COVID-19 KANE COUNTY: 363 New Cases, 5 Additional Deaths Wednesday; At least 12,500 Cases in Aurora To Date — 351,495
  4. Kane County Sheriff’s Office Takes Position That It Will Not Enforce Governor’s Executive Orders — 70,613
  5. COVID-19 SCHOOLS: ECC 2020 Grads’ Fun Video Celebrates Wait For Fall Commencement — 66,618
  6. COVID-19 COMMUNITIES: East Dundee Reminds Residents That Garage Sales Still Prohibited — 49,407
  7. COVID-19 HOSPITALS / HEALTH CARE — IDPH: Kane County Nursing Home Deaths Up To 48 — 39,534
  8. UPDATE: Regional Command Center Reports ‘Low Activity’ Over Weekend — 35,374
  9. SCHOOL OPENING UPDATES: East Aurora, Central D301 And Geneva Start Aug. 31 — 33,583
  10. STATE HEALTH ALERT: Counterfeit, Faulty KN95 Masks ‘Flooding The Marketplace’— 31,595