POW! Great Gosh A'Mighty, Little Ricky's In The House!

POW! Great Gosh A’Mighty, Little Ricky’s In The House!

Before you get a dog, you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can’t imagine living any other way.”
Caroline Knapp, American author

  • KCAC’s Adorable, Adoptable Pet of the Week is written by Tecla Metzel of Kane County Animal Control. Additional photos by Lorena Page Photography.

Wouldn’t it be nice if dogs came prepackaged with instructions and directions for making the dog into the perfect canine citizen?

There would be no guesswork when it came to what to do because all the needs of the animal would be spelled out as well as how to handle every situation.

Little Ricky

Unfortunately, dogs don’t come with a set of instructions. Each and every dog is different. No two dogs are alike in the way they were raised or the way they were treated before they wound up in a shelter.

Little Ricky, a 9-month-old gray and white Pit bull mix, is a good example of a dog that will need a little extra patience from his new owner. He had a rough beginning, but now he is safe and secure at Kane County Animal Control. Even though he has brothers and sisters, his beginning months didn’t allow for him to learn many doggie socialization skills.

Since arriving at the shelter, however, he has made great strides in learning how to become a great puppy citizen. He’s still a little shy around new people, but a yummy treat is a one-way ticket to his heart.

Little Ricky needs a bit more time before he can share his new family’s love with other dogs, so he should only go to a home where he’s the only four-legged one until he can get comfortable and learn to play with other dogs properly.

He really is the sweetest little guy and he’s working so hard at trying to break out of his shell. His new owner will need to have enough patience to help Little Ricky learn that the world is not such a scary place by possibly taking him to training classes and getting him gradually socialized.

It may take a bit of work, but the rewards will definitely outweigh the difficulties and Little Ricky will prove that he is more than worth the effort.

KCAC Update


Congratulations to both Klaus and Ben, the little kittens that came in to KCAC as strays. They were both adopted by the same family and we’re sure that they are wrecking as much havoc in their new home as they did here at the shelter.

Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it just made its owner a little more anxious. And we were so happy that the boys found their fur-ever home together, so they could share in some of that anxiety!

COVID-19 Protocols

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 virus situation, KCAC is asking any potential adopters to call ahead and make an appointment to visit with Percy and Buzz or any one of KCAC’s adoptable animals.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we want to continue to remain vigilant in keeping our employees and county animals as healthy as possible.

How to Adopt

All Kane County Animal Control adoptable cats and dogs are spayed/neutered, microchipped and up-to-date on all vaccines, including rabies. They are tested for feline leukemia/FIV and heartworm.

The adoption fee is $200 for dogs and $100 for cats. Adoption of two dogs is $300, and adoption of two cats is $150. The adoption fee for cockatiels is $25.

For more information regarding Kane County Animal Control’s adoptable animals and for an adoption application, please visit www.kanecountypets.org.

Lost Pet?

About Kane County Animal Control

It is the duty of the Animal Control Department to:

  • Ensure that all domesticated dogs and cats over 4 months of age are vaccinated against rabies and have a Kane County rabies tag.
  • Ensure that all reported animal bites are given precautionary attention in relation to the possibility rabies infection.
  • Ensure that pet owners are instructed on proper procedures pertaining to animal bites and enforce adherence to these procedures.
  • Contain loose\stray dogs in unincorporated Kane County and those towns and villages with whom contracted.
  • Investigate nuisance dog complaints in unincorporated Kane County and those towns and villages with whom contracted.

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