COVID-19 Vaccine Could Soon Be Offered To Kane County Veterans

COVID-19 Vaccine Could Soon Be Offered To Kane County Veterans

Hines Veterans Administration Hospital, which serves veterans from Kane County, will be offering COVID-19 vaccine informational sessions/events, starting next week.

Hines VA Hospital Public Affairs Officer Tanya Schusler said the goal is to inform veterans of the latest VA information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The audience for these events is veterans,” she said in an email to the Kane County Veterans Assistance Commission and other area veterans organizations. “These are optional, but we hope that you’ll sign-up for a session.”

Schusler said planning is under way at VA to deliver a COVID-19 vaccine when one becomes available.

VA is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a phased plan based on five core ethical pillars: safety, maximizing the benefit of the vaccine, equity, fairness, and transparency.

“Veteran and employee safety remain our No. 1 priority,” Schusler said.

The plan takes into consideration a number of risk factors, including risks of acquiring infection, severe illness and death if infected, and transmitting the disease, as well as the risk to essential workers, including health care personnel.

Once a time has been set, the Kane County Veterans Assistance Commission will inform veterans of the event details and how to access the session.

“While there isn’t a lot of information available about the vaccine right now, we want to share the information we currently have,” Schusler said.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will VA be getting the COVID vaccine?

We expect a limited amount of the vaccine to be distributed by the end of 2020. We expect availability to increase over the next several months.

If I want the vaccine, will I be able to get it?

Due to the limited supply at first, the vaccine will be given to staff who are working in the highest risk areas. Next VA will be offering the vaccine to high-risk veterans and then to all veterans and staff as more vaccines become available. We will contact you once we have a vaccine available for you.

Do I have to get the vaccine?

No, Veterans are not required to get the vaccine but are highly encouraged to do so.

How many doses will be given?

Most of the COVID vaccines require two shots that are several weeks apart.

How do I know the COVID vaccine is safe?

Your safety is a top priority in VA’s plan. VA experts are partnering with the CDC to develop a plan that will maximize the benefits of any COVID-19 vaccine.

More information will come when the FDA approves the specific vaccines on the types of side effects that are more common.

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SOURCE: Kane County Veterans Assistance Commission