UPDATE: Halloween Weather 'Blustery' But Looking Good This Year

UPDATE: Halloween Weather ‘Blustery’ But Looking Good This Year


Whether you’re planning to trick-or-treat this COVID-19 year, the weather shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Unlike a year ago, when Kane County saw a near blizzard and among the lowest temperatures in history (Elburn recorded 5 inches of snow), the 2020 event is looking downright pleasant — at least, during the day.

As of 9:30 a.m. today (Friday, Oct. 30, 2020), the National Weather Service forecast for Kane County, IL, on Saturday, Oct. 31, is sunny with a high of 55 degrees. It’s going to be breezy, though, and winds could get as high as 35 mph — so be careful out there.

The night-time forecast is chilly, and could get as low as 32 degrees overnight.

How does that stack up to the All Hallows Eves of the past? What’s the coldest and warmest Halloween ever?

The NWS has answers to those questions.

Halloween Climate Data for Chicago, IL

The following statistics comprises 148 years of data. Data collection began at the University of Chicago, then at Midway, and currently at O’Hare which is now the official station for Chicago.

To see the daily climate data for Chicago for Halloween from 1872 to the present, click here.

What’s The ‘Normal’ Halloween Weather?

As you can see by the graphics above, Oct. 31 most often records high temperatures in the 50- to 59-degree range, low temps in the 40- to 49-degree range and zero precipitation — whether rain or snow or sleet.

But we also quite often get low temperatures in that 30- to 39-degree category and high temps of 60 to 69 degrees or 40 to 49 degrees.

All of which is a way of saying Halloween 2020 weather looks to be — believe it or not — “normal.”


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