Kane County Asks Residents To Take 10-Minute Health Survey

Kane County Asks Residents To Take 10-Minute Health Survey

The Kane County Health Department encourages residents to complete the Kane Health Counts Community Survey by Monday, Nov. 2.

The results of this survey, combined with other community data, will help Kane Health Counts as well as other public health representatives and community service organizations to understand community health concerns in order to guide improvement efforts.

This survey allows community members to provide feedback on important issues impacting citizens of Kane County. The survey is part of a comprehensive Community Health Assessment process.

This type of assessment is conducted every three years to help Kane Health Counts better understand the health needs of the community.

As the public health system faces challenging times amid COVID-19, civil unrest and instability in the economy and job market, now is an important time to assess the county’s status.

The information collected from this survey will provide valuable input for the development of the next Community Health Improvement Plan.

For additional information, visit Kane Health Counts at KaneHealthCounts.org.

SOURCE: Kane County Health Department news release