Despite Pandemic, County Recorder's Office Sees Highest Single-Day Document Processing Despite Since 2017

Despite Pandemic, County Recorder’s Office Sees Highest Single-Day Document Processing Despite Since 2017

For more information, visit the Kane County Recorder’s Office website.

While the pandemic has affected the productivity of many local government agencies, the Kane County Recorder’s Office announced that on Oct. 13, it recorded the highest number of documents in a single day since January 2007.

According to a Recorder’s Office news release, when the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the shutdown of many of the Kane County offices, the Recorder’s Office staff switched to working remotely without missing a beat.

“Our investments in technology and processes have enabled us to immediately switch gears and employ a mix of remote and in-office staffing to ensure that all documents received were recorded on a timely basis, while safeguarding the health of our clients and staff,” Kane County Recorder Sandy Wegman said.

The office implemented disaster recovery protocols, which allowed for secure, encrypted access to the systems by authenticated staff members from their homes. Access to the Kane County land records continued to remain available to the public at no cost.

Enhanced Website

In September, the Kane County Recorder’s Office launched a newly enhanced public website that supports access by people with disabilities. It ensures compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act supporting visually impaired, seizure safe, and cognitive disabilities profiles.

“From being the first of the collar counties to offer free online web access to county land records, automatic notification to property owners of any deed changes to their property to prevent potential fraud, and now to the current enhancements for disabled Americans, we are continually striving to serve the public in innovative ways,” Wegman said.

“And best of all, we have done all this in a fiscally responsible way without going to the taxpayers for money by ensuring all of our operations are funded by fees generated from recording documents.”

SOURCE: Kane County Recorder’s Office news release