Sheriff's Office Opens Sept. 25 Forklift-Training Course To The Public

Sheriff’s Office Opens Sept. 25 Forklift-Training Course To The Public

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office has opened its forklift driver certification class to the public — but you should act fast if you’d like to participate, because the popular class is limited to 15 students, and the deadline to register is Sept. 22.

This is the second class open to the public. The first was sold out before the event.

Thirteen students attended the first course, which was offered in August. All 13 students were certified and connected to jobs that day.

The classes began as vocational training inside of the Kane County Correctional Facility. A newly established team led by Sheriff’s Diversion Program Administrative Director Judy Dawson designed classes to teach inmates soft skills, interview tactics and small-business planning.

The  Occupational Safety and Health Administration forklift training and painting training were parts of the program, along with job fairs to support those re-entering the community.

Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain said creating opportunities for inmates breaks the cycle of crime and is a key component of reducing criminal activity.

“I fiercely believe it is the responsibility of men and women in uniform to provide structured support to low income and re-entering citizens to build strong relations with communities who often feel alienated by police and government,” he said.

Hain said the effort to turn jail programs outward to the community will lend a hand to people struggling to find work and reduce the chances of someone turning to crime.

“Opportunities like this provided to the public play a key role in showing that our relationship with sometimes marginalized communities is not an antagonistic one, but a supportive one,” he said.

Hain said the event will be posted on the homepage of and on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page for registration.

The one-day Forklift Driver Certification Class costs $150 and is taught by Joseph Garcia, who also provides OSHA 10 trainings at the Kane County Jail.

A non-refundable registration of $50 is required by noon Tuesday,  Sept. 22, 2020. The remaining balance of $100 will be due at the time of the class, or the full cost of $150 can be paid directly through the Eventbrite portal.

Due to Social Distancing Requirements, there is a class maximum of 15 students.

SOURCE: Kane County Sheriff’s Office news releases and Facebook page