'Randall Over 90' Study Could Become 'Planning And Environmental' Strategy

‘Randall Over 90’ Study Could Become ‘Planning And Environmental’ Strategy

  • Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly said Randall Road goes under I-90. The text has been corrected.

The Kane County Division of Transportation has come up with a new approach to the “Randall Over 90” study, after coordinating with the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

According to a KDOT news release, all parties agree that the project can benefit from a transition from a feasibility study to a Planning and Environmental Linkage strategy.

The purpose of the Randall Road/I-90 Feasibility Study has been to evaluate possible improvements to Randall Road between Big Timber Road on the south and IL Route 72 on the north, with particular focus on its interchange with I-90, the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway.

Officials like the the PEL approach because it can accelerate the project delivery process, increase stakeholder involvement, and allow for more comprehensive consideration of the environment and a full range of project alternatives.

According to KDOT, PEL provides a strong base of information for the environmental review process, making it easier to identify potential concerns early on and address them more effectively.

“Making this PEL transition now could ultimately lower costs and shorten timelines for project development and environmental review,” officials said.

KDOT recently completed a Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment for the project. No evidence of any significant environmental conditions or concerns were found.

Click here to review the PESA executive summary.

According to the Randall Over 90 Purpose And Need Statement, the two-and-a-half miles of Randall Road between Big Timber Road and Illinois Route 72, is known both technically and colloquially as a challenge and a burden to regular users.

The “rush hour” is several hours long both in the morning and in the afternoon. The route’s daily commuters are estimated to spend over 80 hours a year in traffic queues.

Ongoing commercial and industrial development, attracted by the competitive location, has intensified a demand which has long since outgrown 20-year-old highway infrastructure.

Chronic delays are a drag on additional development and an obstacle to mobility for area residents.

Issues And Options

According to the Randall Over I-90 FAQ page, a variety of interchange reconfigurations will be evaluated. Options include:

  • A cloverleaf interchange with one or multiple loops, such as I-90 and IL Route 25.
  • A diverging diamond interchange, such as the new one at Elmhurst Road and I-90.
  • A single-point urban interchange such as the new I-90 interchange with Barrington Road.

The FAQ page says these interchanges are more efficient than the present interchange in their treatment of left turns. Innovative and creative concepts will also be carefully considered.

Traffic analysis shows several issues cause congestion in this corridor. While additional lanes will be considered, simply adding a lane may not alleviate the frequent stops caused by traffic signals.

KDOT’s initial analysis took into consideration current and future traffic projections of the year 2050.

Officials say he goal of all options developed will be to accommodate current and future growth.

Click this link to get involved in the planning process.

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