Personalized Sample Ballots Now Available on Kane County Clerk's Website

Personalized Sample Ballots Now Available on Kane County Clerk’s Website

  • This article is part of a series sharing Nov. 3 General Election information as posted on the Kane County Clerk’s Office website. Kane County Connects encourages citizens to take part in the election process and to use the resources of the Clerk’s Office to make informed voting decisions. If you see any errors or omissions in this text, please email


How Do I Find My Sample Ballot?

Finding your sample ballot in Kane County is easy.

(1) Go to the homepage and click the link that reads “Click Here For a Sample Ballot.”

That will take you to a Voter Search page.

(2) Fill out the form.

You will need to provide your last name and either your house number or street name only.

Then click “Submit.”​

That will take you to a page with links to sample ballots for each registered voter in your household.

Click on your name, which will take you to Voter Information page.

Below is a screenshot of my (Kane County Connects Editor Rick Nagel’s) Voter Information page.

(3) Click on the Sample Ballot link on the Voter Information page.

As you can see above, this page includes several items of voter information, including a link for early voting locations and your personal polling place on Election Day.

You have to click on the ballot link to see the PDF of your personalized sample ballot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have click on the Ballot link under the words “Sample Ballot” to see the PDF of your personal sample ballot! Mine, as you can see in the screenshots above and to the right, is ballot GE0018-226. Your ballot will be specific to referendums and elected offices in your part of Kane County.

It’s also worthy of note that, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, some polling places have changed. My polling place is now at River City Church, 3450 Swenson Ave. in St. Charles. For years, my polling location had been the Chesapeake Commons clubhouse in Geneva.

(4) Peruse your personalized sample ballot!

My sample ballot looks like the pages above.

As you can see, the sample ballot includes referendums, federal contests (president and vice president, U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress), state contests (Illinois senate, Illinois general assembly), county contests (board chairman, circuit clerk, auditor, coroner, recorder, state’s attorney, county board representative) and judicial contests (appellate court judge, circuit court judge.)

(5) Go vote!

Keep in mind, there are options for early voting, vote by mail and voting in person on Election Day. Visit for more information.

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SOURCE: Kane County Clerk’s Office website