Kane Census Self-Response 76.7% as Sept. 30 Deadline Nears

Kane Census Self-Response 76.7% as Sept. 30 Deadline Nears

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As the hours tick down to the Sept. 30 Census deadline, the good news is that Kane County is exceeding its self-response rate from previous decades.

The not-as-good news is that the self-response rate is well short of 100%.

According to the Census hard-to-count map, Kane County’s 76.7% self-response as of Sept. 27 is ahead of its 75.2% self-response rate in 2010.

But communities throughout Kane County are pushing hard to improve those numbers in the final days.

The Census Bureau’s door-knocking operation is continuing to enumerate households in-person or via other records, for households that did not fill out the census form on their own.

In Kane County, that “nonresponse followup” door-knocking began on July and will continue until Sept. 30. During this time, you can still fill out the form on your own so a census taker won’t need to knock on your door.

Visit the Census Bureau’s website for information on how to identify a census taker, how to report suspected fraud, and a description of the Nonresponse Follow-up (door-knocking) operation.

City of Aurora Efforts

The deadline for the 2020 Census is next week, and the city of Aurora is gearing up for another weekend of direct community outreach in its most undercounted areas.

Aurora has a 73.9% self-response rate, which is a measurable increase since the community outreach event held last month where dozens of volunteers fanned out to hard-to-count neighborhoods and visited more than 7,000 households.

The city and the Aurora Complete Count Committee are using the last weekend before the deadline to rally volunteers and go door-to-door to remind residents about the importance of completing the Census.

“It’s all hands on deck for the final countdown,” said Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin. “We see the direct impact of being in our neighborhoods and plan to visit more than 10,000 thousand houses in our lowest response areas on Saturday.”

The city is seeking additional volunteers to distribute door hangers and remind residents in hard-to-count neighborhoods to complete the 2020 Census.

Volunteers can register at www.aurora-il.org/service and select their preferred area.

Aurora has already surpassed its 2010 self-response rate by nearly 2% and seeks to increase the rate by the deadline on Sept. 30.

Federal Census enumerators are working in Aurora to collect Census information from residents who have not responded. Responses obtained by enumerators will be added to the final self-response rate for the 2020 Census total response rate in Aurora.

Elgin’s Final Push

“Please use all of your professional and personal communication channels to urge people to be counted,” organizers said. “Our community needs the necessary funding based on the 2020 Census count.”

The funding supports:

  • Free and reduced lunch for students in need
  • Medical assistance support for families in need
  • Tuition assistance for college students in need
  • and much more.

Each person counted represents $1,500 per year that funds these much-needed federal grants.

Be Counted in 2020!

To respond online, visit my2020census.gov or click here to start the questionnaire.

To respond by phone, and participate in your preferred language, here are some numbers:

To respond by mail, you can mail back the paper questionnaire sent to your home.

SOURCE: U.S. Census 2020, city of Aurora, city of Elgin, Gail Borden Library