Jeffers: Too Many People Still Not Wearing Masks in Kane County

Jeffers: Too Many People Still Not Wearing Masks in Kane County

Kane County Health Department Director Barbara Jeffers cites high test positivity and case rates as a reason for the public to get back to the basics and practice the 3 W’s: Wear your Mask, Watch your Distance and Wash your Hands.


“We continue to see people not wearing their masks and getting together in groups that are simply too big for this stage of the pandemic,” Jeffers said.

Current Illinois guidelines require wearing a mask in public when social distancing cannot occur and limit the size of special events to no more than 50 people.

“Practicing the 3 W’s is what people should do,” Jeffers said. “Each of us should consider for ourselves why it is important. Taking these protective measures will protect your health, prevent you from missing work or school and protect a loved one who may be older or have a health condition. You may literally be saving someone’s life by preventing the spread of the disease.”

Jeffers said another important reason to follow the 3 W’s is that actions now will determine what the winter will be like for our schools and the business community, including restaurants that will be losing outdoor seating when the cold weather comes.

“Protecting our economy and getting students back to regular activities, like sports, will be much easier when we reduce the amount of illness in Kane County,” Jeffers said.

The Kane County Health Department has kicked off a new awareness campaign with videos created in partnership with the Northwestern McGaw Family Medicine Residency at Delnor and the Rush Copley Family Medicine Residency.

“As family physicians, we feel it is crucial to be actively engaged with the communities we serve,” Dr. Jessica Lapinski said.

Dr. Rebecca Lara said the ultimate goal is to ensure hospitals are providing the most up-to-date information to keep you and your family safe, a position echoed by Dr. Natalie Choi.

“The collaboration between the two residencies in Kane County is important because it represents a united physician front to reach the entire county,” Choi said.

SOURCE: Kane County Health Department news release