Juvenile Justice Center Staffer, Resident Test Positive For COVID-19

Juvenile Justice Center Staffer, Resident Test Positive For COVID-19

One resident and one staff member have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Kane County Juvenile Justice Center.

The JJC has initiated its safety protocol and has quarantined six other residents. It has also ordered nine staff members plus teachers from the Regional School Office to take COVID-19 tests and self-isolate until they obtain the results.

Chief Judge Clint Hull and staff have met with representatives from the Kane County Health Department and the Illinois Department of Public Health to solidify a plan going forward for testing and addressing the infection.

A rapid response team, from the IDPH will be at the JJC on Wednesday, Aug. 5, to perform testing and the results should be available in two to four days.

Among the recommendations received from the health professionals is the facility undertakes a temporary lock down to reduce the potential for exposure until testing results are obtained.

Under a lock down, no residents would be allowed to be transported to another location, except for medical emergencies and that intakes will be restricted as well.

A deep cleaning of the entire facility is scheduled to occur on Tuesday, Aug. 4, with special attention being paid to the living areas, classrooms, recreational areas and dining facilities.

Officials said they are concerned not only the physical health of the residents but also their mental health.

The Kane County Health Department and the IDPH suggested options to keep the residents engaged with learning projects and recreational activities to prevent boredom and reduce the potential for acting out.

SOURCE: Kane County 16h Circuit Court news release






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