WATCH: Jennifer Jarland, WCC Present 'Asset Earth' Recycling How-To Video

WATCH: Jennifer Jarland, WCC Present ‘Asset Earth’ Recycling How-To Video

  • Editor’s Note: Have you ever wanted to see one of Jennifer Jarland’s recycling presentations but couldn’t find the time? Well you’re in luck. Thanks to Waubonsee Community College’s “Asset Earth” series, Jarland has created a video that provides the latest inside scoop on recycling trends.

Have you ever wondered if you can recycle plastic gloves or what to do with all of those antiseptic wipes we are using these days? What can you put in your curbside recycling cart? What do you do with old paint that you have cleaned out of the basement and garage?

All of these questions and more are answered in this 37 minute presentation by Jennifer Jarland, Kane County recycling coordinator.

Jarland is invited to give presentations around the county and beyond, but in this time of social distancing she has turned to virtual presentations. This one was recorded by Waubonsee Community College and is now available to the public.

This video is informative and can be utilized to educate individuals, family viewing, students in online classrooms, association meetings, work meetings, social groups and more.

“Please watch, and also please share on social media,” Jarland said. “The more people that hear the message, the better.”

SOURCE: Kane County Division of Environmental and Water Resources

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