Sheriff's Office Body Cams Could Be in Place as Soon as August

Sheriff’s Office Body Cams Could Be in Place as Soon as August

Kane County sheriff’s deputies will be wearing body cameras and get new dash-mounted cameras, some of which could be in place as soon as August, with full implementation by October.

According to a Sheriff’s Office news release, Sheriff Ron Hain and staff had been working working on a replacement program for the agency’s dash-mounted cameras in February, and in the course of the bid process also asked for proposals on body worn cameras for 61 deputies and sergeants serving in the patrol division.

In April of 2020, Midwest Public Safety, LLC was chosen as the vendor for a five-year leasing contract of the cameras at a cost of $141,799.46 annually.

Hain said various cost-cutting measures allowed the Sheriff’s Office to allocate enough funds to cover the 2020-2021 annual payment.

Hain said his request for the body cameras was fueled in part by public outcry that followed the May 25 George Floyd death in Minneapolis. In early June, Hain came out with a public statement on the use of force and Kane County Sheriff’s Office policy, and that statement included implementation of body cameras as part of a strategy on “how to move forward.”

On July 14, the County Board unanimously approved the purchase of the new dash and body worn camera platform.

“This acquisition was another giant step toward solidifying the respect and trust of our citizens,” Hain said.

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