Kane Auditor's Office Moves Toward Paperless With New Tyler Content Management System

Kane Auditor’s Office Moves Toward Paperless With New Tyler Content Management System

TCM makes it easier and less expensive for Kane County to share documents. (CREDIT: Tyler Content Management)

The Kane County Auditor’s Office announced this week that it is moving toward paperless workflow with Wednesday’s launch of the Tyler Content Manager system.

Kane County Auditor Terry Hunt said reducing paper usage is not only good for the environment, but it is also good for office workflow and bottom line because staff members are able to spend less time on paper-based processes such as printing, filing, and retrieving paper documents.

For Kane County citizens, it means easy and quick access to documents produced by the Auditor’s Office.

“The Tyler Content Manager is a wonderful resource that will provide Kane County with benefits at multiple levels,” he said. “TCM integrates directly and seamlessly into our existing system, improving accuracy while saving time and money with a more efficient workflow on the front end.”

On the back end, TCM also provides a powerful document management and storage platform. Hunt credited the Kane County Information Technologies Department staff for making the transition possible.

In a news releases, Hunt said TCM aligns itself well with the Kane County Operational Sustainability Plan.

“By placing increased reliance on digital documents, we can reduce the consumption of paper and related printing supplies,” he said.

SOURCE: Kane County Auditor’s Office news release