Heads Up: Get Your Agrichemical Containers Ready For July 31 Recycling Event

Heads Up: Get Your Agrichemical Containers Ready For July 31 Recycling Event

The Illinois Department of Agriculture will once again be hosting free container recycling days throughout the state — including a July 31 event right here in Kane County.

Beginning the middle of July and continuing into August, sites throughout the state will collect the empty containers which will be recycled and made into shipping pallets, plastic lumber, and other useful products.

In 2019, 30 single-day collection events were held throughout the state. IDOA personnel inspected and collected about 95,000 pounds of #2 HDPE plastic pesticide containers from pesticide users.

In addition, the department has established permanent collection sites that are open throughout the year for the collection and granulation of plastic containers. More than 1.6 million pounds of plastic have been collected since the program started more than 20 years ago.

“This program offers farmers and agrichemical facilities a convenient opportunity to dispose of empty pesticide containers while also helping to protect the environment,” said Jerry Costello II, Director, IDOA. “I encourage farmers to gather any containers they may have been planning to throw out and take them to the nearest collection site to be repurposed.”

Metal and household pesticide containers are not eligible for the recycling program. Collection sites will accept only high-density polyethylene, #2 plastic agrichemical containers that are clean and dry. Participants are responsible for rinsing them and removing all caps, labels, booklets, and foil seals.

The program is a cooperative venture between the Illinois Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Container Recycling Council, GROWMARK, Inc., Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association, G. Phillips and Sons, L.L.C., Illinois Farm Bureau, and the University of Illinois Extension.

Additional information can be found on the IDOA website at agriculture.illinois.gov, click on the “Environment” tab and then “Agrichemicals.” Here’s a direct link to the page.

The Kane County event date and permanent Illinois collection sites for the 2020 Pesticide Container Recycling Program are as follows:

Kane County’s One-Day Collection Event

  • When: 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Friday, July 31
  • Where: CHS Inc. 374 Meredith Road, Maple Park, IL 60151
  • Contact: Dave Kleckner, 630-365-5027

Permanent year-round collection sites


CHS Inc., Carrollton, IL

  • Contact: Bryan McMurtrie, 217-942-6991

Klein Flying Service, Lawrenceville, IL

  • Contact: Robert Klein, 618-884-1040

Guidelines for Recycling Plastic Pesticide Containers

  • Protection: Always wear protective clothing while rinsing containers.
  • Empty: Completely empty the pesticide container.
  • Clean: Triple rinse or pressure rinse the container immediately after use to prevent drying/ caking of formulation residues.
  • Inspect: Inspect the container inside and around the spout threads to ensure that it is free of formulation residues. Clean, but stained (e.g., due to Treflan) containers are acceptable.
  • Remove: Discard the cap, foil seal, and label from the container since they will not be accepted for recycling.
  • Puncture: Render the container unusable by puncturing it.
  • Type: Only containers made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) #2 plastic are acceptable for recycling.
  • Keep Container Dry: The recycler will not accept a container with liquid in it. Keep containers out of the rain.