Alternatives For Recycling Things Kane County Can't Take at 2020 Extravaganza

Alternatives For Recycling Things Kane County Can’t Take at 2020 Extravaganza

  • Editor’s Note: This article was written by Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland. Got a question or idea for a recycling tip? Contact Jarland at 630-208-3841 or

For the last eight summers, we have held a Recycling Extravaganza, at at which we recycle electronics, clothes, books and paint. We have previously also accepted additional items like batteries, bicycles, fluorescent tubes, scrap metal, and Styrofoam.

At this year’s extravaganza, set for July 11, we WILL be taking electronics, clothes, books and paint.

But because we have scaled this event down due to COVID-19, we will not be taking the additional items this year.

The good news is that there are other drop-off locations throughout the county where you can recycle the items we are not taking — and you can do so at any time convenient to you.

Here are some suggestions for dropping off stuff.


Alkaline batteries — AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and button batteries can be taken to these drop-off locations.

Lead-acid batteries — Car, truck, motorcycle, power-sport batteries can be taken to Home Depot stores or the Naperville HHW facility.


Bikes can be delivered year-round to the following Working Bikes drop-off sites for refurbishment and reuse.

Batavia Bicycle Commission (​) takes bikes, repairs and donates to community members (or Working Bikes).

Main Street Bikes (39 East Main St., Carpentersville; 847-783-0362) collects bikes for the DT Boys & Girls Club to refurbish and reuse bikes.

Please call in advance to make sure they are taking bikes at this time. ​And please label the bikes “DONATION” before you drop off.

Fluorescent Lamps

Four-foot tubes, LEDs and CFLs, from residential sources only can be taken to the Geneva Ace Hardware store at 617 W. State Street in Geneva, 630-208-6600.

Click the link to see other locations.

Scrap Metal

See our scrap metal drop-off list or google “scrap metal” and your zip code.


Here are two Kane County drop-off sites for recycling Styrofoam.

Dart Container Corp, 310 Evergreen Dr., North Aurora, 630-896-4631. The recycle drop-off is open 24/7. Dart a​ccepts block foam #6, clean food containers. NO straws, cup lids, paper, or packing peanuts.

Chicago Logistic Service, 1333 Davis Road, Elgin, IL 60123, 847-429-1926.  Chicago Logistic Service accepts block foam #6, clean food containers, packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Again, don’t forget that we will be holding the Extravaganza from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, July 11, at 540 S. Randall Road in St. Charles, and be sure to bring your electronics, clothes, books and latex paint!

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