WEATHER EVENT RECAP: Sugar Grove Sees Highest Wind Gusts, 1 Brief Tornado Tuesday

WEATHER EVENT RECAP: Sugar Grove Sees Highest Wind Gusts, 1 Brief Tornado Tuesday


Fast Facts:

  • The remnants of Tropical Storm Cristobal, that made landfall in Louisiana on June 7, brought gusty winds to northern Illinois and northwest Indiana that were enhanced to damaging levels under stronger showers.
  • During the mid-afternoon through early evening there were multiple arcs of showers (with little to no lightning) that produced scattered wind damage, especially in Cook County including parts of Chicago.
  • One brief tornado was reported near the Ford and Iroquois County border in rural east central Illinois near the town of Onarga.
  • It is not that uncommon for remnant tropical systems to impact the area, averaging about once every 8-9 years going back to the late 1880s. See our page on Climatology of Tropical Cyclone Remnants for the Local Area.

Highest Wind Gusts

Land Location                Speed     Time/Date       Provider
Rosemont                     74 MPH    0331 PM 06/09   CWOP
Chicago Midway Airport       62 MPH    0308 PM 06/09   ASOS
Chicago O`Hare Airport       60 MPH    0323 PM 06/09   ASOS
Munster                      57 MPH    0255 PM 06/09   CWOP
Wheeling - Chicago Exec. Arp 54 MPH    0835 PM 06/09   ASOS
Sugar Grove - Aurora Arpt.   51 MPH    0306 PM 06/09   ASOS
Oak Lawn                     49 MPH    0327 PM 06/09   CWOP
West Chicago - DuPage Arpt.  49 MPH    0731 PM 06/09   ASOS
Rockford Airport             49 MPH    0159 PM 06/09   ASOS
Rochelle Airport             47 MPH    0755 PM 06/09   AWOS
Waukegan Airport             47 MPH    1007 PM 06/09   ASOS
Valparaiso Airport           47 MPH    0220 PM 06/09   ASOS
Grayslake                    46 MPH    1035 PM 06/09   CWOP
Marengo                      46 MPH    0918 PM 06/09   CWOP
Peru Airport                 46 MPH    0255 PM 06/09   AWOS
Crystal Lake (McHenry DOT)   45 MPH    1042 PM 06/09   MESOWEST
Pontiac Airport              45 MPH    0255 PM 06/09   AWOS
Rensselaer Airport           45 MPH    0215 PM 06/09   AWOS
Pontiac 5 SSW (UP Rail)      45 MPH    0225 PM 06/09   MESOWEST
Hyde Park - U. Chicago Med.  44 MPH    1055 PM 06/09   AWOS
Hebron                       44 MPH    0500 PM 06/09   CWOP
Bonfield                     44 MPH    0345 PM 06/09   CWOP
Herbert 5 ENE (McHenry DOT)  44 MPH    0952 PM 06/09   MESOWEST
DeKalb Airport               44 MPH    0915 PM 06/09   AWOS
Glendale Heights             43 MPH    0837 PM 06/09   CWOP
Poplar Grove                 43 MPH    0915 PM 06/09   CWOP
Morris Airport               43 MPH    0155 PM 06/09   AWOS
Kankakee Airport             43 MPH    0236 PM 06/09   AWOS
Midewin RAWS                 43 MPH    0305 PM 06/09   RAWS
Rochelle 4 WSW (UP Rail)     42 MPH    0255 PM 06/09   MESOWEST
1 SE Crystal Lake            41 MPH    0954 PM 06/09   AWS
Peotone                      41 MPH    0211 PM 06/09   CWOP
Mount Morris                 41 MPH    0730 PM 06/09   CWOP
Geneva                       41 MPH    0730 PM 06/09   CWOP
Harvard 4 NW (McHenry DOT)   41 MPH    1002 PM 06/09   MESOWEST
Grand Ridge                  40 MPH    0315 PM 06/09   CWOP
Gary Airport                 40 MPH    0745 PM 06/09   AWOS

Looking Ahead

A pleasant few days in the wake of the remnants of Cristobal and a cold front, with breezy conditions Thursday afternoon.

Overall weekend temperatures will be slightly below average, especially by the lake, but the weather should be nice through the weekend!


50 MPH Winds, Heavy Rains, Possible Tornadoes Through Wednesday AM

The National Weather Service is asking Kane County residents to be aware of damaging winds and heavy rains in the forecast tonight (Tuesday, June 9, 2020) in the wake of tropical storm Cristobal.

Here’s the latest from the National Weather Service Chicago’s Weather Story, as of 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Strong Winds Into Wednesday Morning

Strong winds will continue throughout the area this evening.

A wind advisory is in effect until late tonight for expected wind gusts up to 50 MPH. Stronger wind gusts are possible with some of the more mature showers and thunderstorms that pass through.

Click this link for updates!

Timing of Severe Storms, Strong Winds

Here is a graphic showing the approximate timing of the hazards that are expected with Cristobal’s remnants today and another system that will move over the area on Wednesday.

The primary timing of impacts are from mid-afternoon through late-evening today.

Severe Weather Risk

Isolated severe thunderstorms will remain possible this evening.

There were already some earlier (in fact were just showers!), and if any can redevelop, the primary risks would be damaging winds with gusts up to 70 mph and possibly a tornado or two.

Heavy Rainfall

Brief, but torrential downpours are expected with some of the Cristobal’s rain bands that will affect the area this afternoon and evening.

Widespread flooding is not expected, but some localized flash flooding may occur with the highest risk for this being mainly northwest of I-57, particularly across north central IL.

SOURCE: NWS Chicago Weather Story