South Elgin Provides $60 Water Bill Credit To Each Household, Business

South Elgin Provides $60 Water Bill Credit To Each Household, Business

In response to the economic hardships of the coronavirus pandemic, the village of South Elgin announced that it will issue a credit to every household and business in an effort to reduce utility costs.

According to a village news release, every household and business address will automatically receive a $60 credit for water billing costs ($30 each month during the June and July billing cycles) from the village’s water fund reserves.

“We’re always looking for ways to help our residents,” Village President Steve Ward said. “And this is such an efficient way to provide everyone with an equal amount.”

How Residents and Businesses Receive the Credit

The June and July utility bills will mail by the 10th of each month. The bill will include a line called CREDIT and it will display the $30 credit. For those receiving Senior Credit, the total will display as $32.

Village of South Elgin officials are giving a water credit to each household and business in the community. (CREDIT: village of South Elgin)

The credit is provided to residents and businesses paying online or via automatic deduction.

“We did our best to make sure this credit was on every account,” said Administrative Services Director, Megan Golden. “But if for some reason you do not see it on your bill, please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.”

Village officials ask residents who do not pay their water bill directly to the village because a property owner or homeowner’s association pays the bill to reach out to the person handling the payment to determine if you’re entitled to receive the credit.

“The board and I care about our community. We live here and we wanted to help in some way,” Ward said. “When we talked about this credit, every trustee was immediately on board. We understand every household is different; Some people haven’t worked in weeks or months while others are doing fine financially but hurting in other ways. We thought it best to give everyone (residents and businesses) the same $60 total credit.

“If you don’t need the credit, we hope you’ll buy an extra dinner from a South Elgin restaurant, or buy groceries for the food pantry. We really are in this together.”

SOURCE: village of South Elgin news release