Elgin City Council Votes 6-3 to Adopt Resolution of Climate Emergency

Elgin City Council Votes 6-3 to Adopt Resolution of Climate Emergency

The Elgin City Council passed a resolution last month officially declaring a climate emergency.

The council passed the resolution in a 6-3 vote at its public meeting on Wednesday, May 27, after being recommended by the Elgin Sustainability Commission in a unanimous vote at its March 10 meeting.

According to Elgin Sustainability Commission member Paul Berland, Elgin joins more than 1,490 jurisdictions in 30 countries covering over 820 million citizens to recognize and declare the climate emergency, which also includes Chicago, New York, Canada, and the UK.

Internationally, there has been a push for governmental bodies to declare a climate emergency since 2018 that was started by the group Extinction Rebellion and also supported by the group Climate Mobilization.

The full title of the resolution is the Elgin City Council Resolution Declaring a Climate Emergency and Mobilization to Restore a Safe Climate.

The purpose of the resolution, as the resolution states, is to reflect “the Elgin City Council’s awareness of the urgent need for timely implementation of measures to address the problems and mitigate the disastrous effects, both present and future, of climate change.”

According to the procedures discussed and agreed upon by the Elgin Sustainability Commission, a new working group will be formed within the Elgin Sustainability Commission to pursue measures to counteract the problems of climate change within Elgin.

This group will be formed shortly when the Elgin Sustainability Commission re-opens, which is expected to be in late June or July.

The Elgin Sustainability Commission will also be working in parallel on additional sustainability efforts including forming a new Sustainability Plan, that will replace the first five-year sustainability plan that spanned from 2011 to 2017, that was partially completed.

A full video of the Elgin City Council meeting can be seen on the city of Elgin web-site at the following link: https://www.cityofelgin.org/141/Video-Center.

May 27 Elgin Council Meeting Video

SOURCE: Elgin Sustainablity Commission news release