Kane County Creates Coronavirus Relief Fund Task Force

Kane County Creates Coronavirus Relief Fund Task Force

Kane County Board Chairman Chris Lauzen has created the Kane County Coronavirus Relief Fund Task Force, which will provide research, analysis, and recommendations to the Executive Committee of the Kane County Board related to the CARES Act.


Lauzen has selected Kane County Auditor Terry Hunt to head up the task force.

Lauzen will serve on the task force along with Kane County Treasurer David Rickert, Kane County Executive Finance Director Joe Onzick, and Supervisor of Assessments Mark Armstrong. The task force met on April 27 and will continue to meet on a weekly basis until such time as the task force is no longer needed.

Kane County made an application to receive its share of the CRF fund directly from the U.S. Department of Treasury. By making that direct application, Kane County was able to avoid any delay in the receipt of $92.9 million.

The funds can only be used for certain necessary expenditures incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kane County is directly responsible to the Inspector General of the Treasury to ensure the proper use of the funds. As such, the task force will make recommendations for the administration of those funds, with the goal of maximizing the benefit to our constituents and minimizing the potential for misuse.

Due to the complexity of the CARES Act — and specific programs that would logically fall under the purview of the office of the sheriff, the Health Department, Department of Community Reinvestment and others – this task force was created specifically to be focused on the Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Other officials and department heads will be collaborating with the task force on issues that apply specifically to their areas of responsibility and authority under the county code and state statutes.

SOURCE: Kane County news release