2 More Elgin Firefighters Test Positive for COVID-19

2 More Elgin Firefighters Test Positive for COVID-19

Two Elgin firefighters have tested positive for COVID-19 this past week. These instances come after a first Elgin firefighter tested positive on April 23.

The two firefighters remain in isolation at home. Hotel rooms are available to them should they determine that level of isolation is the best way to keep their families safe. The city of Elgin reserved a block of hotel rooms as a proactive measure in anticipation of such occurrences.

Five firefighters had come in contact during shift with the first firefighter who had tested positive in late April. All five individuals were sent home to isolate as a precautionary measure. Of those five firefighters, one tested positive on Friday, May 1.

Elgin Fire Chief Robb Cagann

Another firefighter, not part of the five isolated, tested positive on Thursday, April 30. That firefighter has not worked since April 22 after calling in sick.

The first fire firefighter who tested positive for COVID-19, on April 23, continues recovering in a city-secured hotel room in Elgin.

“Having multiple members of the Elgin Fire Department battling this illness adds to the challenges we’re all facing amid this pandemic. While we are all saddened to receive this news, I am confident these individuals are receiving the best care they can and I am hoping for the best for them and their loved ones,” said Elgin Fire Chief Robb Cagann.

The Fire Department has notified its employees and has recommended to them that they should stay home should they begin to feel ill.

SOURCE: city of Elgin news release