Sunday Temps Nice But Nowhere Near Record; Wind Advisory Today, Snow on The Way?

Sunday Temps Nice But Nowhere Near Record; Wind Advisory Today, Snow on The Way?

The National Weather Service Chicago has come out with the shocking headline that Sunday was the warmest day of the year.

Considering that it got up to 67 degrees and the date was March 8, you’d think it might be a record high.

Not even close, it turns out.

The record for March 8, according to the NWS-C, is a whopping 78 degrees! And that extraordinary temperature took place not all that long ago, back in 2000. (Of course, “not all that long ago” depends on your perspective.)

The coldest March 8 on record was in 1943, when it got down to -7. As if it wasn’t hard enough dealing with World War II at that time.

Read It Yourself

Just as an FYI, you can find the NWS Chicago’s daily climatology report by clicking this link. Below is a screenshot of the report on yesterday’s numbers.

Observed High Temps

Appropriately for the start of daylight saving time, Sunday was the warmest day of 2020 thus far.

Observed high temperatures were in the mid to upper 60s.

While not near record high values for the date, the temperatures were 20 to 25 degrees above normal highs, which are in the lower to mid 40s.

Here in Kane County, Sugar Grove Aurora Airport carded a 65, as did nearby DuPage Airport in West Chicago.

Peru Airport topped the list at 68, and O’Hare was at 67.

Wind Advisory in Effect!

Another windy day is expected, especially this afternoon for portions of the area where a Wind Advisory is in effect for the afternoon.

Here, southerly gusts to 45 mph are expected. Gusts of 35 to 40 mph are expected at times outside of the advisory area.

Windy And Rainy Forecast

Windy conditions are expected today (Monday, March 9, 2020) as rain spreads east across the area.

A few rumbles of thunder are possible through mid-morning, mainly across north-central Illinois.

Rain will end overnight, leading to cooler conditions under partly cloudy skies Tuesday.

Rain and snow chances increase Tuesday night, but little to no accumulation is expected.

SOURCE: National Weather Service Chicago