2020 Primary Kane Races: A Few County Board Surprises; Peirog Defeats Elsebree in Dem Race For Board Chair

2020 Primary Kane Races: A Few County Board Surprises; Peirog Defeats Elsebree in Dem Race For Board Chair

  • This article includes March 17 primary election results for contested Kane County contests as posted on the Kane County Clerk’s Office Election webpage. Click and bookmark links to results articles for federal contests, state contests and local referendums.


With all 291 precincts reporting, Corinne M. Pierog is the Democratic nominee for Kane County Board chairman, defeating Greg Elsbree by more than a 2-to-1 margin — 29,138 votes (57.75%) to Elsebree’s 12,207 (24.19%).

Pierog will face longtime Kane County Treasurer David J. Rickert, who is running unopposed on the Republican ticket and finished with 21,023 votes.

Mosser Wins Dem Primary For State’s Attorney

Jamie Mosser defeated Junaid “J” Afeef for the Democratic nomination for state’s attorney. In November, Mosser will square off against Robert “Bob” Spence, who was unopposed on the Republican primary ballot.

Some County Board Surprises

There were a few surprises and close contests in County Board races. This is the year when even-number board districts are up for election.

In the closest race of the night, one present and one former Kane County Board member battled it out for the District 6 Democratic nomination. Ron Ford edged incumbent Matt Hanson 895-877 in unofficial vote totals. There is no Republican candidate for District 6.

Incumbent County Board member Susan Starrett was defeated by David J. Brown in the GOP race for County Board District 10. The final tally was 1,150 for Brown, 898 for Starrett.

In late fall, Brown will face Democrat Mary Kay Crantz, who was unopposed in the primary.

Democrat Dale Berman defeated Richard R. Leonard by a margin of 948 to 570 for the District 2 nomination. There is no Republican candidate for District 2, according to the Clerk’s Office website.

Mavis Bates defeated incumbent Angela Clay Thomas and challenger Nicholas C. Guillermo to win the Democratic race for County Board District 4. The Republican nominee is Tracy Miller, who ran unopposed in the primary.

Incumbent Republican Mark Davoust of District 14 easily held off a challenge by Steven J. Oscarson.

In the November election, Democrat Verner (Vern) Tepe will run against incumbent Republican Douglas J. Scheflow, who was unopposed in the District 22 primary. Tepe defeated Randy Hopp 1,083-789 to with the Democratic nomination.

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Kane County Board Chairman — Democratic

291 of 291 Precincts Reporting

  • Greg Elsbree — 12,207
  • Corinne M. Pierog — 29,138

Kane County State’s Attorney — Democratic

291 of 291 Precincts Reporting

  • Junaid “J” Afeef — 13,771
  • Jamie Mosser — 27,643

County Board District 2 — Democratic

13 of 13 Precincts Reporting

  • Dale Berman — 948
  • Richard R. Leonard — 570

County Board District 4 — Democratic

17 of 17 Precincts Reporting

  • Angela Clay Thomas — 858
  • Nicholas C. Guillermo — 363
  • Mavis Bates — 1,076

County Board District 6 — Democratic

14 of 14 Precincts Reporting

  • Ron Ford — 895
  • Matt Hanson — 877

County Board District 10 — Republican

15 of 15 Precincts Reporting

  • Susan Starrett — 898
  • David J. Brown — 1,150

County Board District 14 — Republican

11 of 11 Precincts Reporting

  • Mark Davoust — 786
  • Steven J. Oscarson — 253

County Board District 22 — Democratic

10 of 10 Precincts Reporting

  • Randy Hopp — 789
  • Verner (Vern) Tepe — 1,083