What's The Coolest Thing 'Made in Kane'? Nominate Products Now For Illinois 'Makers Madness' Competition

What’s The Coolest Thing ‘Made in Kane’? Nominate Products Now For Illinois ‘Makers Madness’ Competition

We make a lot of amazing and innovative products in Kane County, Illinois, but what is the coolest thing?

Maybe it’s your favorite pizza, potato chips, or candy? Large farm equipment, construction machines, or passenger vehicles? NFL football helmets, MLB bats, or sports equipment used by the NCAA? American flags or iconic red kettles? Military flashlights or gears used in space travel?

The possibilities are endless!

Kane County officials are asking residents and businesses to take a minute and nominate your favorite thing made in Kane County and then vote in the Illinois Manufacturer’s Association’s new Makers Madness competition.

Every week, IMA will narrow the list to the top 16, then eight, and then a final contest with the top four coolest products before awarding the prize on Wednesday, April 1, at a special ceremony in Springfield.

Contest Rules and Procedures

These super-cool tiny houses are made in Kane!

  • The contest will begin on Feb. 4, 2020, with nominations available at makersmadnessil.com.
  • Nominations will be accepted from Feb. 4, 2020, through 11:59 p.m. Feb. 23, 2020.
  • Products receiving the most votes (top 16) in the First Round Voting will advance to a seeded, bracketed contest.
  • The Makers Madness Awards Luncheon will be hosted in Springfield on Wednesday, April 1, at the Governor’s Mansion. The top 16 products will be honored with recognition with each manufacturer receiving two seats at the luncheon. Companies producing the final four products will each receive a complimentary table.
  • The winner of Makers Madness – The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois will be announced at the April 1 luncheon.
  • The overall winner will receive:
    1. Award recognizing Makers Madness – The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois
    2. A written article about the company and product on makersmadness.il.com
    3. A feature article about the company in the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association The Illinois Manufacturer
    4. Company celebration with the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association and filmed interview with IMA President & CEO Mark Denzler.

Nomination and Voting

The world-famous Elgin Sweeper is made in Kane!

  1. Any product made in Illinois may be nominated for Makers Madness – The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois. There is no limit on the number of products that a person may nominate.
  2. The product must be made in Illinois. The manufacturer’s headquarters does not need to be located in Illinois.
  3. Nominations must include the name of the product, the name of the manufacturer, link to the product/manufacturer’s website, and a photo of the product, along with the name, email, and telephone number for the person making the nomination. The nominator’s name will not be made public but may be used for verification or follow up information.
  4. Nominations must be made at makersmadnessil.com. Written, emailed, or other nominations will not be accepted.
  5. Products nominated can be from any sector of the manufacturing industry.
  6. A company can have multiple products nominated for Makers Madness but only one product per company will be allowed into the First Round (Top 16). If a company has more than one product in the top 16 after the Nomination Voting round, the product with the highest vote total will be that company’s sole entry into the First Round.
  7. Voting during the Nomination Round will occur February 26 through March 8, 2020, with the ability to vote for up to five (5) product entries per day. Multiple votes may be cast per product during the Nomination Round.
  8. In the First, Second, and Final Rounds, a voter may vote in each bracketed contest once per day. There are eight head-to-head contests in the First Round, four head-to-head contests in the Second Round, and one Final Round contest with four contestants.
  9. During the First and Second rounds, the product with the most votes in each seeded, bracketed contest will advance to the next round. The product with the most votes in the Final Round will win the title of Makers Madness – The Coolest Thing Made in Illinois.
  10. Votes will be tabulated and confirmed by the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association at the conclusion of each round before winners are announced.
  11. The number of votes will be reset at the beginning of each round.
  12. Products nominated are subject to qualification verification by the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association. In case of an invalid nomination, the IMA will make every effort to contact the nominator for additional information.
  13. The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association will contact all companies with products nominated for Makers Madness for every round of voting.

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