Annual Report: Kane County Sheriff's Office Under Budget For First Time in Years

Annual Report: Kane County Sheriff’s Office Under Budget For First Time in Years

A Kane County Sheriff’s Office annual report released Wednesday (Feb. 19, 2020) shows that the office is running in the black after several years of trending over budget.

According to a Sheriff’s Office news release, the FY2019 annual report is the “first in recent history.”

After a Fiscal Year 2018. in which the office was $300,000 over budget, the Sheriff’s Office ended Fiscal Year 2019 under budget, Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain said.

One of the reasons for the turnaround, Hain said, is the addition of $935,986 of ancillary funds — awarded forfeited assets, fees collected from various warrants and DUI fines, and court security fees.

The additional revenue allowed the office to buy new equipment, including a 2020 Lenco Bear Cat Armored vehicle for response to firearm-related incidents, three aerial drones, an X-ray body scanner to screen people entering the jail, as well as 12 new patrol vehicles to replace an aging fleet.

During the past year, the office introduced diversion programs in the Corrections Facility aimed at driving down recidivism. The Sheriff’s Office was also able to decrease inmate altercations by almost 40% and inmate attacks on officers by almost 95%, compared to the three previous years, the report said.

At the Kane County Jail, the Sheriff’s Office introduced medically assisted treatment and intense addiction counseling, operated by Lighthouse Recovery of St. Charles.

The new program served 194 Kane County residents in 2019 and helped reduce overdose deaths of the formerly incarcerated by 85%, the news release said.

The Sheriff’s A Way Out program, launched July 1, 2019, offers residents struggling with addiction a way to connect to sheriff’s deputies and receive immediate transport to a residential treatment facility. The Sheriff’s Office served 24 people through A Way Out last year.

In 2020, Hain said he hopes to work with contracted leasing agent Batavia Enterprises to establish a non-custodial residential treatment center within the Sheriff’s Office by the end of the year. Sheriff Hain also plans to work with the judiciary to expand the Office’s new pilot electronic monitoring program to provide full capabilities, as were offered by the County’s Court Services Division, before it was disbanded in 2018.

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