Photography: Double Rainbow Shines Over Kane County

Photography: Double Rainbow Shines Over Kane County

Kane County Development Department Senior Projects Manager Hamid Ahmed took these fantastic photos of a double rainbow over Building A at the Kane County Government Center back in 2017.

He had come to the office for an emergency call, but the issue was addressed successfully, and Ahmed was rewarded with a little gift from nature — a sort of celestial way of saying, “job well done.”

“As I headed out to my car, I noticed the rainbow,” he said. “I took my phone out and took the pictures as soon as I could. It was a beautiful double rainbow, which is unusual, and it appeared to be a dome completely over the county office.”

Ahmed presented the photo to Kane County Connects this week and asked if we’d share it with the community.

Double Rainbows Not So Rare

While this image is amazing and gorgeous to look at, the event of a double rainbow is not quite as rare as one might think.

According to, double rainbows are double cool, but they’re not once-in-a-lifetime sights.

“A double rainbow occurs when the light is reflected twice in the drop. It means you can see two different reflections, coming from different angles. This leads to something that is actually really cool — instead of seeing red at the top and blue at the bottom like a regular ho-hum rainbow, the secondary rainbow (which is higher and lighter in color than the primary) has the colors reverse,” the How Stuff Works article said.

But double rainbows actually are fairly common.

As an interesting aside, Ahmed wasn’t the only person to notice a double rainbow three years ago.

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