Make a Recycling Resolution! 2020 Green Guide Is Available Online!

Make a Recycling Resolution! 2020 Green Guide Is Available Online!

  •’s Note: This article is written by Kane County Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland. Got a question? Contact Jarland at 630-208-3841 or

Want to know what to recycle (and what not to), when to recycle and how to recycle virtually anything in Kane County, IL? Then you absolutely must get yourself a copy of the 2020 Kane County Recycles Green Guide.

The new Kane County Recycles Green Guide is now online for you to download and will be available at libraries and municipal offices after Jan. 21 for you to pick up a paper copy!

The guide is full of information, including recycling guidelines, top tips for recycling right, dates for recycling events, locations for electronics recycling and household hazardous waste, battery recycling, ways to reduce junk mail and much, much more.

30th Anniversary Edition – New Features!

In honor of this 30 year anniversary edition, we have added four more pages to the green guide, and added several new features, including the following:

(1) Top Tips for Recycling Right!

Kane County’s Recycling Coordinator Jennifer Jarland gets hundreds of phone calls a year about how to recycle, and she has compiled a list of the answers to the more frequently asked questions on this new page.

Check out these tips, including the oft-repeated instruction to keep all plastic bags OUT of the recycling bin (either full or empty), what to do with new flexible plastic packaging and how to reduce the waste from coffee pods.

(2) Recycling Guidelines Posters – in English and in Spanish

The guidelines remain the same as last year in their easy to read format with clear descriptions of what you should recycle and what you shouldn’t. And this year we have included a Spanish-language version.

The pages can be cut out and used as posters to hang on the wall above your recycling bin for ease of reference and to help you to keep the “bad” items out of the recycling. Thank you so much for all of your efforts to recycle right!

For those of you who want more detail than the poster offers, please see the full list of detailed guidelines online on the Kane County Recycles website.

(3) NEW Sustainability Tips

On Page 11, you will find a list of great ideas on how you can use less water, energy, and resources. Jessica Mino, Kane County’s resource management coordinator, offers personal encouragement on the impact your efficiency and conservation efforts can have on the big picture.

For more sustainability information, please visit

Paper Copies of the Guide

Kane County Recycles prints 30,000 paper copies each year — down from 100,000 eight years ago because so many people are now accessing the online information. But we know that some people still appreciate the paper guide, so we continue to print it.

It’s still always a good idea to refer to the Kane County Recycles website for the most updated information, especially after mid-year, because things do change!

How to Get Your Green Guide!

(1) Sign Up For Our E-mail List.

Sign up on the e-mail list to receive an electronic copy direct to your inbox upon publication each January.​ Note: If you sign up after the first of the year, you will not receive a copy until the following year when the guide comes out.

(2) Download a Printable PDF.

Download a copy here. Please refer to the website for the most updated information, especially after mid-year.​

(3) Paper Copy Mailing List.

E-mail or call Kane County at or 630-444-3016 to get on the mailing list to receive a paper copy (or a number of copies) each year, mailed directly to your home or business. Include your full name, full address including your zip code, and how many copies you would like each year.

If you leave a voice mail, please speak slowly and clearly and spell your last name and street name.

(4) Pick Up a Paper Copy

You can get paper copies at:

Public Locations​​ Throughout the County — Guides will be available for you to pick up at public locations after Jan. 21. If you would like to be a pick up point for the guide, let Kane County Recycles know. KCR can deliver quantities to you directly.

Recycling EventsEvents take place at 540 S Randall Road, St. Charles, IL 60174​, starting in April. (The first event of the year is April 11.)

Recycling Office — Our office is located in the Kane County Government Center, Building A, 719 S. Batavia Ave., Geneva, IL 60134. First floor, south end of hall, Room # 109. The guides will be available at the office after Jan. 10.

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