Top Stories of 2019: No. 9 — Father Eagle Killed By Car

Top Stories of 2019: No. 9 — Father Eagle Killed By Car

  • Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series counting down the top 10 most-read Kane County Connects stories of 2019.

Not every story in Kane County Connects is a happy story, of course.

But there is some good news in this one, despite the sadness inherent in its headline.

No 9: Mom Eagle Cares For Family After Father Eagle Killed By Car

The credit for this article must go to Dave Soderstrom, the Geneva-based nature photographer who so generously allowed us to follow the story he chronicled in his photos and on his Facebook page.

(CREDIT FOR ALL IMAGES: Dave Soderstrom)

If you’re not already familiar with Soderstrom’s work, you will be after you click on the link above.

Through Soderstrom and other sources, we told this story back in June. Originally, it was thought that a mother eagle who had been tending a nest on the Mooseheart campus had died when she was hit by a car.

It was later learned that it was the father eagle that was killed when trying to gather up some road kill, and the mom taking care of the eaglets.

The happy part of the story is that the mom turned out to be a great provider, the eaglets grew up and ultimately left the nest.

As of Dec. 20, this article garnered 10,284 page views on Kane County Connects alone.

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