Top Stories of 2019: No. 8 — Kane County Hammered By Winter Storms

Top Stories of 2019: No. 8 — Kane County Hammered By Winter Storms

  • Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series counting down the top 10 most-read Kane County Connects stories of 2019.

One of the services Kane County Connects provides is local information related to weather emergencies.

In February of 2019, we were hit with an unusual series of weather events, including an ice storm, dangerously high winds and rapid snowfall.

This article was updated several times to keep residents updated on traffic alerts, local weather, school closings and garbage pickup changes.

No 8: Kane County Gets Brunt of Winter Storm

It was a tough winter overall, with a lot of snow, ice and wind in January and February.

A quick look back shows eight winter weather events from Jan. 12 through Feb. 17-18, when Kane County was hit by accumulating snow and ice. It was the ice storm that perhaps was the zenith. This story, posted Feb. 15, garnered 10,779 page views.

It seemed as if Kane County was the focal point of almost every storm, with our area often accumulating the top or near-the-top measurements of snow, ice or wind in the Chicago region. It certainly doesn’t make us look forward to the January and February weather in 2020.

Here’s a look at some of the events, as chronicled by the National Weather Service Chicago:

  • Feb. 17-18, 2019: Accumulating snow including a period of Ice and some lake effect snow
  • Feb. 11-12, 2019: Ice storm followed by strong winds
  •  Feb. 5, 2019: Ice and sleet event for northern Illinois
  •  January 2019: Fourth snowiest January on record for Rockford, IL
  • Jan. 30-31, 2019: Record to near-record cold temperatures across northern Illinois, with Rockford reaching all-time record low
  •  Jan. 28, 2019: Heavy snowfall across northern Illinois and northwest Indiana, making for messy Monday morning commute
  •  Jan.22-23, 2019: Freezing precipitation and snow bring a messy Tuesday across the area
  •  Jan. 18-21, 2019: Widespread snow brings 6+” to northern Illinois followed by heavy lake effect snow into northwest Indiana
  •  Jan. 12, 2019: Widespread snowfall event returns area to winter weather
  •  Nov. 25-26, 2018: Major early season winter storm

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