Top Stories of 2019: No. 7 — Big List of Trick Or Treat Events

Top Stories of 2019: No. 7 — Big List of Trick Or Treat Events

  • This article is part of a series counting down the top 10 most-read Kane County Connects stories of 2019.

Good morning, and Merry Christmas!

We’re posting an article a day to count down KCC’s most-read stories of 2019, and in order to get them all in by Dec. 31, we’re even posting on Christmas.

So, in the off chance you’re actually reading this on Dec. 25, enjoy your day, and celebrate another holiday with us: Halloween.

No 7: Complete List of 2019 Halloween Trick-Or-Treat Hours

For reasons, I can’t fully understand, the traditional Kane County Connects posting of Halloween trick-or-treat hours is always one of the most-read articles of the year. This time around, 10,800 page views made this story the seventh-most-read of 2019.

Part of the reason this round-up story gets so many clicks is that communities do actually change their trick-or-treat hours from year to year. We also post links to articles on public-safety alerts, community events and other timely articles to make sure the content is fresh and relevant — and a little newsy.

Another reason for the high click rate is simply that this article has become a Kane County Connects tradition. People know we’re going to post this story, and they look for it.

Third and finally, it does take effort to go to each community’s website, find the trick-or-treat hours and share them. It’s a community service that’s hard to replace.

One nice offshoot is that more municipal websites are posting their trick-or-treat hours on home pages and making it easier for residents (and me) to find the information.

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