Top 10 Kane County Economic Development Stories of 2019

Top 10 Kane County Economic Development Stories of 2019

Kane County Connects annually presents a list of top 10 most-read stories of the calendar year — and 2019 is no exception. You can click this link to see the latest in the countdown series, which will end with the (drumroll) No. 1 most-read story posted on Tuesday, Dec. 31.

But we’re adding a little bonus to the year-end-top-stories list, courtesy of Kane County Development and Community Services Department staff.

Just before the Christmas holiday, staff members volunteered their top 10 list of economic development stories posted in 2019 on the Kane County Connects blog. And we’re presenting them below.

It should be noted that these are not the most-read articles. In fact, one that made this year’s list of top 10 most-read is one of the honorable mentions on the staffers’ list. See if you can guess which story that might be.

We usually present top 10 lists in reverse order for the dramatic effect of a countdown, but this time, we’re offering them in numerical order, starting with the top economic development story of 2019.

To read the original article, simply click on the image of the embedded links. If you want to open the article in a new tab, hold down the “control” key and click on the link.

1. Kane County Funds Clean-Energy Commercial Projects

2. Femilab’s Economic Impact Last Year — A Whopping $452 Million

3. I-88 Interchange at Route 47 — Bigtime Good News For Sugar Grove

4. Kane County Cross Country Course Set To Open in 2020

5. Aurora-Area Tourism Grows To 201.5 Million

6. Kane County Communities Rank in Top 8 For Apartment Renters

7. Aurora Selected as Statewide Technology Information District

8. PHOTO STORY: Long-Awaited Longmeadow Parkway Bridge Takes Shape

9. Kane County Population Continues To Grow — Despite Statewide Trends

10. Fabulous Fox! Cool New Website For Your Fox River Experience

Honorable Mentions

A. Kane County’s Safest Communities

B. Wahlburgers To Open in 2020

C. Kane County Leads Solar Designations

D. Aurora No. 1 For Affordable Homes

E. 3 Kane Hospitals Among Best in Illinois