SAO: Man Threatened To Shoot Hispanics at Carpentersville Walmart

SAO: Man Threatened To Shoot Hispanics at Carpentersville Walmart

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A Carpentersville man has received the maximum jail sentence after he pleaded guilty for threatening to shoot Hispanics at the Carpentersville Walmart store in August.

Richard L. Cline, 62, on Monday, Nov. 4, 2019, agreed to a sentence of 30 days in the Kane County jail and one year of probation in exchange for a guilty plea to the offense of disorderly conduct, a Class C misdemeanor.

Kane County Associate Judge Julia Yetter accepted the plea.

On the afternoon of Sept. 14, 2019, Cline and another man purchased beer and cigarettes from the Walmart store in the 300 block of Lake Marian Road, Carpentersville. As they exited the store, a greeter asked to see the receipt.

Cline stated that he should come back to the store and shoot all of the Mexicans, alarming and disturbing store employees.

When questioned by police, Cline admitted he said something he should not have said and that the remark was “stupid,” especially in light of the Aug. 3, 2019, massacre at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart in which a man shot and killed 22 people and injured 26 others. The man admitted to authorities that he had targeted Hispanics.

In accordance with Illinois law, Cline is eligible for day-for-day jail sentencing. He was ordered to serve the jail sentence on five consecutive weekends.

In addition, he was ordered to surrender all of his guns, his Firearms Owners Identification Card and conceal carry license, and barred from all Walmart stores in Kane County for the duration of his probationary period.

SOURCE: Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office news release