Help Shape Kane County's Future: 2 Seats Open on Regional Planning Commission

Help Shape Kane County’s Future: 2 Seats Open on Regional Planning Commission

Do you care about Kane County’s land resources and future development patterns?

Are you interested in natural resources, housing, economic development or transportation policy?

If so, then you should consider serving on Kane County’s Regional Planning Commission.

Kane County presently has two openings for regional planning commissioners, and is seeking to fill these appointed volunteer positions.

The Regional Planning Commission’s Role

The Regional Planning Commission is principally responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of Kane County’s comprehensive plan, presently the 2040 Plan. It is a fact-finding body, making investigations and gathering statistics necessary for fulfilling the plan and the overall wise land use planning and development of Kane County.

The commission routinely reviews proposed land use changes for conformity with the Kane County 2040 Plan, 2040 Land Use Map, and 2040 Conceptual Land Use Strategy Map.

Commissioners work collaboratively with the Kane County Planning Cooperative, a staff team represented by the Development Department, Health Department and Division of Transportation.

The planning staff prepares analyses, project updates and petition reports for RPC members to consider and provide direction on. As needed, the commission will issue recommendations on land use petitions or policy directives to be considered by the Development Committee and full County Board.

The commission consists of nine members who are appointed to three-year terms by the County Board chairman and confirmed by the County Board.

Regional Planning Commission meetings are conducted on a quarterly basis or as needed to provide timely guidance to the County Board.

To get a better sense of how the commission operates, interested candidates can review the agendas and meeting minutes from past RPC meetings here.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in serving on the Regional Planning Commission, or any of Kane County’s 39 appointed boards and commissions, candidates may apply by completing an online form.


For a more detailed description of the RPC’s roles and responsibilities, Kane County has published a directory of Appointed Positions, Boards and Commissions available online or as a print copy by request.

Please direct any questions about the position to the County Board Office at 630-232-5930 or Development and Community Services Director Mark VanKerkhoff, at

SOURCE: Kane County Development And Community Services Department news release