State of Illinois Expands Child Care Assistance, Raises Threshhold to 225% of Poverty Level

State of Illinois Expands Child Care Assistance, Raises Threshhold to 225% of Poverty Level

The Illinois Department of Human Services announced expanded eligibility and affordability for the Child Care Assistance Program, taking effect Tuesday, Oct 1.

Families with income of 200% of the Federal Poverty Level or lower will now be able to receive child care assistance through CCAP, increased from previous eligibility set at 185% FPL.

The program also now allows families whose income increases up to 225% FPL to remain in the program if they previously qualified at 200% FPL or lower. This means a family of three could earn up to $42,660 ($3,555/month) at their initial application and remain eligible for assistance even if their income increases to $48,000 ($4,000/month).

“Making child care more accessible gives working families, college students and teen parents an opportunity to continue pursuing their career goals without having to worry about having a safe place for their children to stay,” Illinois Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford said.

Families will also have a three-month, graduated phase-out if their income increases above the 225% FPL “exit-level.” This means if a family of three’s income exceeds $48,000 (but stays under $63,840), they would still receive 90 days of subsidized child care.

IDHS Secretary Grace B. Hou said it is important that families know they have options for safe and affordable child care.

“Families who previously applied and were denied should revisit our website and check their eligibility again. Reliable child care is necessary for working families, students and young parents, and we want to make it easier for them,” she said.

In addition to eligibility changes, IDHS has been working to promote the Child Care Assistance Program and encourage participation. In August 2019, 131,766 children were enrolled in CCAP, which is the highest enrollment number of the last three fiscal years. Since January 2019, CCAP enrollment has increased by 14,801 children.

The Child Care Assistance Program recently launched a Facebook page and posts program updates and promotional information about CCAP frequently. You can find the CCAP Facebook at

An easy-to-use Child Care Assistance Program Eligibility Calculator to help families determine their eligibility is available now on the IDHS website.

SOURCE: state of Illinois news release