Watch: Aurora Police Help Skunk Get Its Head Out of a McFlurry Cup

Watch: Aurora Police Help Skunk Get Its Head Out of a McFlurry Cup

It’s not every day that you see a skunk with its head stuck in a McFlurry cup.

And it’s not every day that you’ll find someone brave enough to help the poor thing.

But that’s apparently what happened on Sept. 5, when Aurora police officers Jonathan Olsen and Lt. Steven Stemmet came to the rescue.

As you see by the embedded YouTube video, Olsen manages to get the cup off without getting sprayed — and that’s a pretty neat trick all by itself.

What’s a little weird is that this incident is not near as rare as one might think.

In fact, according to Newsweek, this same event has happened multiple times in the state of Maine.

“There’s something about McDonald’s ice cream that makes it irresistible to skunks in Maine,” Newsweek writes. “In September 2018, York Police motorcycle officer David McKinnon came across another polecat with a McFlurry cup stuck to its head. He also took a video of the rescue for Facebook.”

That quote is from an article about the same sort of incident, this one in August near the Morning Glory Diner on Portland Road in Bridgton, Maine.

In Aurora, the skunk rescue took place in the area of Montgomery Road and Jackson Street.

“They weren’t called specifically for the skunk,” Aurora police spokesman Paris Lewbel told the Daily Herald. “They both were out there, they noticed the skunk, and that’s when they started trying to help.”

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