Elgin Fringe Festival Returns Sept. 6-15 With Magic, Dance, Comedy, Music, Weirdness

Elgin Fringe Festival Returns Sept. 6-15 With Magic, Dance, Comedy, Music, Weirdness


The Elgin Fringe Festival returns for its sixth year featuring magic, dance, comedy, drama, music, and the undefined all in downtown Elgin!

If you love all things weird, or just a little offbeat, you’ll love this event that celebrates the arts. The mission of the Elgin Fringe Festival is to encourage bold artistic experimentation and innovation by providing an accessible, affordable experience for both artists and audiences alike.

The event takes place Sept. 6 to Sept. 15, with other pre-event happenings already under way.

Tickets and more information are available at elginfringefestival.com.

You must purchase a 2019 Elgin Fringe Festival button in order to gain access to the festival. Events are free, $5 or $10. Shows with a fee must have a ticket purchased and picked up ahead of time — not at the door. Purchases made online will NOT be mailed to your home. They will be available for pickup during Fringe.

All ticket and art sales go to the artists. So, the button helps to support the festival as a whole, including staff, marketing, supplies, and more!


Fringe festivals focus on performing arts but also include film, visual art, music, and other types of art forms. Performances take place in downtown areas in cafes, theaters, storefronts, and a variety of other locations.

The first Fringe Festival started in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland, as an alternative festival that played concurrently with the Edinburgh International Festival. There are more than 20 fringe festivals throughout the United States with more in Canada and Europe.

Downtown Elgin is a prime location for a fringe festival due to its urban feel and proximity to Chicago.

Now headed into our sixth year, the Elgin Fringe Festival is and inclusive and dynamic experience.

“We are first come-first served, uncurated, uncensored, and 100% of our ticket sales go back to the artists! Programming includes our Family Fringe Day, a day filled with games, performances, and art projects that is free and open to the public, our ever-growing visual art component hosted at Side Street Studio Arts, aka Fringe Central, as well as a live music component that highlights the juggernaut of a music scene Elgin has to offer,” organizers say on the Elgin Fringe Festival website.

The city’s ever-evolving arts scene, ease of walkability, and diverse community are ingredients for a highly needed and sought after Fringe Festival.

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