July 19-20 Heat Episode Includes Tie of One All-Time Record

July 19-20 Heat Episode Includes Tie of One All-Time Record

Kane County was hit hard by the two-day “heat episode” we experienced on Friday, July 20, and Saturday, July 21, but maybe not quite as hard as some expected.

According to statistics released today (Monday, July 22, 2019) by the National Weather Service Chicago, the heat index got up to 108 Friday in Aurora/Sugar Grove. The high temperature was 94 degrees on Saturday, the NWS said.

These stats are generally recorded at area airports.

Regionally, we tied at least one all-time record. According to the NWS Chicago, Rockford recorded the highest-ever low temperature, with a low only of 80 degrees on Friday, July 19.

According to WeatherSpark.com, the temperature on July 20 in Chicago typically ranges from 72 to 81 degrees and is rarely below 65 or above 89 degrees.

For reference, on July 19, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in Chicago typically range from 71 to 83 degrees, while on Jan. 29, the coldest day of the year, they range from 22 to 33 degrees.

Fast Facts

  • Northern Illinois and northwest Indiana was at the northern end of a dome of heat, with highs July 19-20 reaching into the mid 90s in most communities.
  • High moisture also moved into the area with dew points reaching 75° to 80°, which combined with the temperatures brought heat index values well over 100° during the two afternoons.
  • The humid air kept temperatures from dropping much at all at night, especially in the urban areas.
  • Rockford tied an all-time record for a daily minimum temperature, with a low only of 80° on July 19.

SOURCE: NWS Chicago, WeatherSpark.com