Permanent Closure: Weld Road Access To Randall Ends June 13

Permanent Closure: Weld Road Access To Randall Ends June 13

(CREDIT: city of Elgin news release)

The existing access of Weld Road to Randall Road will be permanently closed as part of the Randall Road at Weld Road/U.S Route 20 Intersection Improvement starting June 13, 2019.

The Weld Road access will be closed from Randall Road and later converted to a cul-de-sac located just west of the entrance to the cinema and shopping center.

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Weld Road access to the cinema and shopping center will be maintained during and after construction.

Closing the Weld Road access to Randall Road allows for the construction of a new northbound Randall Road to eastbound U.S. Route 20 free flow right-turn entrance ramp thereby eliminating northbound left turns to access eastbound U.S. Route 20.

By removing the Weld Road access to Randall Road, nearly a dozen conflict points will be removed, reducing the potential for crashes and congestion, while the new free-flow access ramp increases safety and traffic operations at the intersection.

Additional information regarding this improvement can be found on this page of the KDOT project website and you can click this link to see an aerial exhibit showing the new roadway configuration.

Since this improvement is at an existing busy intersection, longer-than-normal traffic delays are expected during construction.

Questions and concerns may be directed to David Boesch at 630-845-7875.

For all Kane County traffic advisories, visit the Traffic Alerts Page on the KDOT website.

Warning To Drivers

KDOT warns drivers to be prepared to reduce their speed, exercise caution, and be extra alert. Watch for construction workers, construction vehicles entering or leaving the site, and obey flaggers and other traffic control devices within the work zone.

Expect delays while traveling through the work areas. You may want to add additional time to your commute and consider the use of alternate routes while this work is being completed.

KDOT reminds drivers that is illegal to talk on a cell phone or text while driving through a highway construction work zone. The minimum penalty for speeding in a work zone is $375.

Click this link to find out how Kane County Drivers can “make zero fatalities a reality.”