Kane County History: 18 Events, Limited-Edition Poster For Preservation Month in Elgin!

Kane County History: 18 Events, Limited-Edition Poster For Preservation Month in Elgin!

  • Editor’s Note: This article is part of a weekly series on Kane County’s amazing history. Today’s article was contributed by Elizabeth Marston, director of the Elgin History Museum.

The annual Mayor’s Award For Preservation.

“At its most basic, preservation is about protecting places that matter to each of us. We want our children to know these places. We want them to stand as beacons for us and for those who come after us—to tell our stories, and the stories of our communities and our lives.”
Stephanie K. Meeks

May is Preservation Month, a nationwide event initiated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation many years ago, and Elgin has been a regular participant for almost three decades.

This year, there are 18 local events on the calendar. These include a wide range of activities from lectures and panel discussions, to walking tours, memorial services and awards celebrations.

They’re great events to attend — informative, entertaining and inspiring, because they reflect the area’s history, culture and commitment to its heritage.

All are important components of creating a sense of place that is all-too-often lost in a maze of new construction, generic strip malls and anonymous neighborhoods.

The Elgin History Museum has a full calendar of events that essentially provides Preservation Month experiences year round. The 2019 programing schedule is one of the fullest, most diverse and innovative ever offered.

The Hillside Cemetery Tour is set for May 11.

Calendar of Events

Click this link to see the full calendar in PDF form.

Limited-Edition Commemorative Poster

To commemorate Preservation Month 2019, Bravo Magazine has put together a wonderful new poster with Elgin doorways on it, photographed by Jim Zorn.

This limited edition 18-by-24-inch poster is offset-printed on heavy weight paper and features 25 historic Elgin homes recognized by the Heritage Commission.

The poster highlights original photography and design by James Zorn Photography, published by Marquee Media. Limited to 250 prints, individually packaged in 2-inch protective tube with end caps.The sale of the posters benefits the Nancy Kimball Cobblestone House preservation project managed by the Elgin History Museum.

Retail price: $18.35 each plus tax.

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