7-Year-Old Lexi Out of Hospital After Life-Threatening Hit-And-Run

7-Year-Old Lexi Out of Hospital After Life-Threatening Hit-And-Run

Screenshot from Go Fund Me.

The Kane County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday (May 16, 2019) that the 7-year-old girl severely injured by a hit-and-run driver in St. Charles Township on Mother’s Day, is out of the hospital.

“We’re so happy to report that our sweet Lexi from the Valley View hit and run is back home, already!” Sheriff Ron Hain’s Facebook photo post said.

A Go Fund Me page identified the victim as Lexi Hanson, who had been riding her bicycle in the area of a park at around 1:05 p.m. Sunday, when she was struck by a pickup truck on Geneva Avenue near the intersection of Courier Avenue in unincorporated St. Charles Township.

Brian Quartuccio, the 42-year-old St. Charles Township man charged with hitting a Hanson with his pickup truck then fleeing the scene, is being held on $500,000 bail. The Illinois Illinois Secretary of State’s Office said Quartuccio was driving on a revoked license since 2012, after he was convicted of DUI for a third time.

Jenni Ostrowski, Lexi’s aunt, said in the latest update on the Go Fund Me page that Lexi has a lot of healing to do at home, “with two broken ribs, her lungs are still healing, bumps and bruises, and we’re following up at their concussion clinic as an outpatient.”

“This girl’s a rockstar!” she said. “After getting her chest tube and IV out yesterday her progression has amazed us. She’s up walking around on her own, eating, and laughing best of all!

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