2 Aurora Investigators Who Survived Deadly Shootout Named Police Officers of The Year

2 Aurora Investigators Who Survived Deadly Shootout Named Police Officers of The Year

Investigator Matthew Huber and Investigator Colin Griffin have been honored as Aurora Police Department’s Officers of the Year for 2018.

Huber and Griffin were nominated for their actions during a 2018 event which resulted in Griffin being shot, Huber injured, and the death of the offender.

On March 22, 2018, Special Operations Group Investigators Huber and Griffin were conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle in Downtown Aurora. As the officers approached the stopped vehicle, the driver, without provocation, reached out the driver’s side window and fired a handgun at Griffin several times.

Without hesitation, Huber returned fire with his service weapon, and Huber and Griffin quickly returned to their squad car to pursue the suspect vehicle, which fled from them.

Despite this incredible situation, Griffin was able to effectively communicate that he was hit by gunfire and advised responding units that the suspect vehicle was fleeing. Griffin then advised that the suspect vehicle just collided with another car and that the suspect was running from the scene.

Huber and Griffin both immediately gave chase, following the offender into the parking lot of a bank while engaging the armed suspect in a running gun battle.

The suspect ran behind a parked vehicle and continued to fire upon Huber who was approaching his position. Griffin was able to flank the suspect, despite being struck by a bullet in his lower leg, and returned fire at the suspect.

The offender, who refused to surrender, was eventually shot and killed. A loaded .45 cal handgun was found next to his body.

It was later learned that the offender had been arrested by the Aurora Police Department with a loaded gun during a traffic stop just three days prior and had been charged with several felony weapons offenses.

Despite that arrest, this offender was already back on the street with another firearm, and stated just before the shooting that he, “wasn’t going back to jail.”

Both officers remained calm during the entire incident, directing backup officers to the area to bring aid and assistance in stopping the continued threat.

“Please join us in thanking Investigators Matthew Huber and Colin Griffin for their heroism and dedication to our community!” Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said.

  • FEATURE PHOTO CAPTION: Matthew Huber (left), Colin Griffin (center), Chief Kristen Ziman (right center), Cmdr. Keith Cross (right) – Aurora Police Department

SOURCE: Aurora Police Department news release

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