12 Major Kane County Roads Will Get Pavement Rejuvenator, Starting May 13

12 Major Kane County Roads Will Get Pavement Rejuvenator, Starting May 13

Randall Road, Fabyan Parkway, Keslinger Road, Ellithorpe, Galligan, Bliss — the list is like a who’s who of Kane County thoroughfares.

These are the roads set for “rejuvenation,” starting the week of May 13, 2019. Kane County will begin the process of applying an asphalt sealer/rejuvenator on the county routes listed below.

These roads have been resurfaced within the last two years — but these pavement preservation techniques use lower cost maintenance improvements to extend the life and quality of the roads. Conducted earlier in the life cycle of the asphalt pavement, the sealer reduces the water penetration that leads to freeze/thaw damage and prevents oxidation of the asphalt material.

The process will involve spraying the rejuvenator liquid, allowing the liquid to cure, placing sand on the treated roads for traction, and then sweeping up the excess material.

The process takes about three months to get to all the locations. KDOT will announce the dates of the work in separate announcements, but the work hours are shown in the table below. Signs indicating start dates will be posted at each route about one week prior to starting the application of the rejuvenator.

The above-mentioned roads will remain open during treatment, but will be reduced to one lane of travel using flaggers and temporary daily lane closures.

Warning To Drivers

KDOT warns drivers to be prepared to reduce their speed, exercise caution, and be extra alert. Watch for construction workers, construction vehicles entering or leaving the site, and obey flaggers and other traffic control devices within the work zone.

Expect delays while traveling through the work areas. You may want to add additional time to your commute and consider the use of alternate routes while this work is being completed.

KDOT reminds drivers that it is illegal to talk on a cell phone while traveling through a highway construction work zone.

Questions and concerns may be directed to Patrick VerHalen 630-208-3138. Click this link to see all Kane County traffic advisories.

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