PHOTO STORY: 56 People Awarded For Action During Feb. 15 Mass Shooting

PHOTO STORY: 56 People Awarded For Action During Feb. 15 Mass Shooting

It’s fitting to acknowledge the brave actions of men and women who put their lives on the line to save others.

That is exactly what took place Monday (April 29, 2019) during a “Celebration of Courage” event at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, where more than 40 Aurora Police personnel were honored for their roles during the Henry Pratt tragedy.

The five injured officers — Officers John Cebulski, Marco Gomez, Adam Miller, Reynaldo Rivera and James Zegar — received the Blue Star Award, the Aurora Police Department’s highest honor. In addition, they received the Warrior Award from the Oklahoma Police Department, state recognition from State Rep. Keith Wheeler and the Diamond Award from Henry Pratt Company.

The officers were surprised by Mayor Richard C. Irvin with Special Proclamations naming their respective birthdays in their honor.

In the city of Aurora from this point forward, John Cebulski Day is Aug. 10, Marco Gomez Day is March 24, Adam Miller Day is May 11, Reynaldo Rivera Day is Dec. 7 and James Zegar Day is March 25. #AuroraStrong #StrongerTogether

Photo Story

  • All photos in this series are by Edward Corral and reposted from the Aurora Police Department Facebook page.

Video Story

Award Winners

Blue Star: Officers Injured Due to Shooting

  • Officer John Cebulski
  • Officer Marco Gomez
  • Officer Adam Miller
  • Officer Reynaldo Rivera
  • Officer James Zegar

Medal of Valor

  • Lt. Rick Ahlgren
  • Lt. Rick Robertson
  • Lt. Joseph Weber
  • Lt. Jeffery Wiencek
  • Sgt. James Boatman
  • Sgt. Mark Moss
  • Sgt. Angel Nieves
  • Sgt. Matt Ziman
  • Sgt. Christopher Arbet
  • Officer Christopher Bosson
  • Officer Matthew Bowman
  • Officer Wesley Boyer
  • Officer Cristofer Conard
  • Officer Edwin Doepel
  • Officer Ryszard Drozdowski
  • Officer Michael Ely
  • Officer Nicholas Gartner
  • Officer Charles Groom
  • Officer Bryan Hammond
  • Officer Robert Hillgoth
  • Officer Nathaniel Isaak
  • Officer Thomas Maguire
  • Officer Joshua Poynton
  • Officer Danny Rios
  • Officer Jason Russell
  • Officer Jeffrey Sauer
  • Officer Cory Walden
  • Officer Nicholas Walters
  • Officer Christopher Weaver
  • Officer Jason Woolsey

Medal of Merit

  • Telecom Operator II Stephanie Shaffer
  • Lead Operator Tara LaFan

Departmental Commendations

  • Sgt. Michael Corrigan
  • Cmdr. Jack Fichtel
  • Sgt. William Rowley
  • Marina Shields, Records Clerk
  • Lt. Matthew Thomas
  • Chief Kristen Ziman

Divisional Commendation

  • Sgt. Tom Hinterlong
  • Telecom Supervisor Dan Wennmaker
  • Lead Operator Melissa Johnson
  • Telecom Operator II Kelley Gruca
  • Telecom Operator I Adam Afshar
  • Telecom Operator I Cayla Budd

Unit Merit

  • Telecom Director Jacqueline Hobday
  • Lead Operator Traci Whalen
  • Telecom Operator II Staci Keyes
  • Telecom Operator II Anthony Murcio
  • Telecom Operator I Stephanie Pekich
  • Telecom Operator I Heather Ramer
  • Telecom Trainee Samantha Marrero

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