Aurora Police Release Video From Feb. 15 Pratt Mass Shooting

Aurora Police Release Video From Feb. 15 Pratt Mass Shooting

The Aurora Police Department on Wednesday (April 17, 2019) published a portion of the surveillance video which captured the Feb. 15 workplace shooting in which a gunman killed five co-workers and wounded five officers at the Henry Pratt facility in Aurora.

The video depicts the shooter as he prepares to ambush approaching officers, and shows the officers’ initial approach and subsequent entry into the Pratt facility. Officials said the shooter was in possession of one pistol and eight pistol magazines.

Gary Martin

The shooter, identified as Gary Martin, 45, fired 64 rounds during the incident.

Police had previously posted emergency radio traffic and 911 calls to the police regarding the incident that drew headlines across the country.

“As with our decision to release audio related to this event, we were not careless in our judgment here, and we understand the disturbing nature of these images,” said Sgt. Bill Rowley, the APD’s public information officer, in a Wednesday news release. “We understand, however, that as a matter of public interest and our ongoing commitment to transparency within our community, you have a right to see for yourself what transpired.”

Portions of the video were excluded “to protect the privacy rights of those involved,” Rowley said.

Officials said there is no significant surveillance video available from inside the facility, other than that which captures the front foyer area, which is shown.

The surveillance cameras did not record sound.

The Aurora Police Department news release signed off with this message:

“WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.”

The video is embedded below.

SOURCE: Aurora Police Department

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