Got a Forest Preserve Issue? Download 'Kane Forest Notify' Free Mobile App

Got a Forest Preserve Issue? Download ‘Kane Forest Notify’ Free Mobile App

Spot an issue in a Kane County forest preserve? Report it on the go with the new Kane Forest Notify app!

On Feb. 19, the Forest Preserve District of Kane County launched a new platform called “Kane Forest Notify,” in partnership with technology firm SeeClickFix. The free mobile app and web module allow residents to report issues they find in the forest preserves and trails, directly to Forest Preserve District staff. Residents can also submit pictures of the issue, providing valuable information needed for staff.

Community Affairs Director Laurie Metanchuk was part of the team responsible for implementing the app for the Forest Preserve District.

“We had a goal to provide a smartphone app for the public, as part of our master-planning process. We wanted to offer residents an easier way to report any issues that they found out in the preserves and on the trails. Our new app, Forest Preserve Notify, does just that,” she said.

“We’re excited to be able to offer the residents of Kane County another way to communicate with the District. People here really take ownership in their preserves. Our frequent preserve users know when something is amiss. Kane Forest Notify allows the public to take a more-active role in managing their local forest preserves,” she said.

Metanchuk says there are many ways to use the app.

“Say a resident notices a large tree down on a remote section of trail,” she said. “Previously, there was no way for a preserve user to know if the district was aware of the issue, and the best way to report it. Now, with Kane Forest Notify, a preserve user can snap a picture of an issue with their cell phone, and submit a description of the issue directly to the district.”

Metanchuk said messages will automatically route to the appropriate staff person, based on areas of responsibility and the location of the reported problem.

“The photo will also help staff gauge the amount of time it should take to resolve an issue, so we can appropriately respond,” she said. “A large tree means different things to different people. This is where the photos will be a huge help.”

In addition, GPS coordinates identify a precise location, saving time, Metanchuk said.

How To Download

The free Kane Forest Notify mobile app is available for download:

  • For iPhone on the Apple store, search “Kane Forest Notify” or visit
  • For Android, on the Google Play Store, search “Kane Forest Notify” or visit
  • The web module is available via the district website at See the “Contact Us” section for the link to Kane Forest Notify.
  • The web module is also available via the district’s Facebook page. Locate the Kane Forest Notify tab along the left-hand side.

For more information about the Forest Preserve District of Kane County, visit or find us on social media @forestpreserve.

About SeeClickFix

SeeClickFix was founded in 2008 to empower citizens with tools to publicly document quality of life concerns in their neighborhoods. By radically improving the quantity and quality of this data, SeeClickFix was quickly adopted by local governments, who needed a better way to receive information from citizens.